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Really Random Tugs 20

Here’s a range of photos from the present to the unknowable past.  Gage Paul Thornton . . . 1944 equipment working well in adverse 2014 conditions.   Photo by Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat. In 2007, McAllister Responder (1967) moved Peking (1911) across the sixth boro for hull inspection.  Photo by Elizabeth Wood. […]

Graves of Arthur Kill T minus 3

I didn’t want to call this post “something different 19” because clearly it wouldn’t be different from the previous days.  A pattern has emerged, and then I realized that part of the pattern is that these photos depict some of the unidentifiable vessels lost in boneyard or ship graveyards like the one focused upon in […]


I’m excited to be doing another showing of Graves of Arthur Kill tonight.  I hope to sell some copies, but I also look forward to hearing others’ stories of visiting the marine scrapyard over on the Arthur Kill. Over the years i’ve done two series of blogposts on the yard:  the ghosts series and the […]

Old Trade Routes Retraced

These vessels recently left a trading post that was starting up around the same decade the sixth boro replaced the initials N. A. for N. Y. As of this writing, these three vessels are entering the Indian Ocean on a historic re-enactment. Earlier this month, Colin Syndercombe visited the three vessel at the docks in […]

Maurania III

Yesterday I posted a foto of JoAnne Reinauer III:  there was a 1 and then the 3 . . . I wonder what happened to 2.  Not so with Maurania.  I just looked and there was a 1 and a 2.   Maurania 2 was launched in Brooklyn in 1952 and still operates in New […]

Road Fotos 14

When the road gets long and you see a unique sign like this promising paradise, who could resist?  This is the terrestrial inland version of the ship graveyard on the Arthur Kill.  This old Packard used a ship’s wheel as decortion. Ships disintegrate on a mudflat sink into ooze, whereas here trees surge through, and […]

Other People’s Fotos 12

All fotos today come from Isaac Pennock at various Canadian shorelines along the eastern Great Lakes.  And an interesting set of vessels this is.  Take James A. Hannah, foto shot in Hamilton.  Look at her lines.  You’ve seen a sibling of this vessel here before.    Recall Bloxom here and in the graveyard here. More […]

Really Random Tugs 8

A sign of changing seasons for me is . . . this weekend . . . staying in, getting in touch, catching up, following up. Exhibit A:  Daniel DiNapoli, built in Stamford, CT  at Luders Marine.  I took this foto about six years ago, used it in the first full month of this blog but […]

Ghost Puzzles 1

Remember, doubleclick enlarges.  Any ideas what you’re looking at?  Notice parallel “vertebrae” center left and right;  right side is submerged below the “barrel,” and left side four white tips emerge from sunken “structure.”   Just in case your life doesn’t have enough puzzles, I’m injecting this one. I love easy puzzles as respite from the […]

Graveyard 4

A few months back, I did a “Graveyard” series, in which the ferry New Bedford was mentioned.  It’s the vessel with the tilted steam stack on the left.  Some might see an eyesore.  I see this looking south, and this looking north. And we can all see this looking back:  hospital ship for those wounded […]