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Chrononauts 4

Chrononauts here now refers to us, looking at photos from the past.  This summer, in one of my Great Lakes ports, i bought first two prints, then the whole album of over 50 prints, all taken in the sixth boro between the 1930s and the 1950s.  So let’s start with this one, taken in either […]

Other Watersheds 17c

As an example of how large this watershed is, the photo below was taken on June 2; at that point Vikingbank was inbound from Sweden upbound near the intersection of the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario and headed for Duluth.  It arrived in Duluth to load grain only June 15!!   Click here for a site […]

Other Peoples Fotos 24

Taken over in Newark Bay . .  a shrink-wrapped airplane on a barge . .  foto compliments of the team over at Henry Marine.  I did this post in April 2013, but you should befriend them on Facebook at Tug Life at Henry Marine for a different take on working in the sixth boro.  Anyone […]

Tales of More Projects

Here’s a projects post I did two years ago.  The project boat below–an early 1930s 35′ ACF– is available.   Here’s a post I did five years ago about an ACF and here’s an article with a few fotos about another ACF that was lavished with love.   For info on the vessel below–located in […]

Happy 35th L’day Algolake

Join me in wishing the crew fair winds and safe sailing aboard their vessel Algolake launched 35 years ago yesterday.  I mentioned my Facebook link with Algolake here more than a month ago.  Boatnerd has more than a dozen fotos and all the specs here.    As of this posting, the vessel is in the […]

Really Random Tugs 4

Really random . . . starts with this foto thanks to Maureen Cassidy-Geiger.  More of hers to come, fotos of other waters directly accessible FROM the sixth boro of NY and NJ.  This foto of unidentified cruiser and tug was off Livorno, Italia.   Hmmmm . . . maybe we need a new government agency […]


The most memorable toys might be the ones you made, on the spot, unpremeditated, at a tender age; without knowing any terminology beyond “float” or “sail,” movement is thrilling, even if some seconds later the game shifted to new rules where said-sailboat became a target for rocks, not malicious ones but rather  “challenge rocks” to […]