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At the End of the World

A Jules Verne novel set at the southern tip of South America goes by the fabulous title,  The Light at the End of the World.   Richard Hudson passed through here recently and sent along the photos in today’s post. It’s USS ATR-20, built in Camden Maine, launched in January 1943 and ending her days in Ushuaia, […]


I’m excited to be doing another showing of Graves of Arthur Kill tonight.  I hope to sell some copies, but I also look forward to hearing others’ stories of visiting the marine scrapyard over on the Arthur Kill. Over the years i’ve done two series of blogposts on the yard:  the ghosts series and the […]

Porthole 2

Porthole v. portlight difference?  See if this helps.  Know this location? It’s Quester, the legendary “yellow submarine” in Coney Island Creek, which I traveled up with tide/current taxi a few summers back. Below is the ruins of PC-1264, one of two World War 2-era subchasers disintegrating in a scrapyard in Staten Island.  Learn more about […]

Specialized 16

Wow!  It’s been over three years since I last used this title.  Here’s S 15. A few hours this morning evoked the sense of the sixth boro as a place for the likes of  Harbour First and Charles D. McAllister, larger vessels from larger organizations, as well as others . .  like Thornton Bros.  Guess […]

Really Random Tugs 8

A sign of changing seasons for me is . . . this weekend . . . staying in, getting in touch, catching up, following up. Exhibit A:  Daniel DiNapoli, built in Stamford, CT  at Luders Marine.  I took this foto about six years ago, used it in the first full month of this blog but […]