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Random Tugs 145

I will be back tomorrow with close-ups of L’Hermione and more, but Bjoern of New York Media Boat sent me the very intriguing photo below.  Recognize it?  Answer follows.  Clue:  Elizabeth Anna. Well, L’Hermione  (pronounced LAIR me un) will find her way into more of these photos.  Here’s the venerable W. O. Decker.  Click and scroll […]

Sixth Boro Snow Day 5

Thank the verizon gods for internet service after a few more days’ drought.  Click here for previous snowy posts. I think today was the snowiest day yet in the sixth boro.  So I hope you enjoy watching Orange Ocean emerge from the “particle fog.” Orange Ocean is a new sighting for me, bringing in my […]

Random Tugs 123

It’s Margot, last included on this blog here.  Guess the location? And a former fleet mate of Frances, it’s  Catherine Turecamo . ..  with Gage Paul Thornton way in the background. Here’s a closer-up of Gage Paul with Robbins Light in the background. New York Central No. 13 . . . changing at a glacial […]

Other Peoples Fotos 27

Darell T. Gilbert took this foto . . .  a hot air balloon over the water in Red Hook around the 5th of January.  WTF?!@#@!!  Anyone know the story? Thanks to Sam Zapadinsky . . . can you identify this creature walking on the icy upper Hudson?  Coyote?  Here’s a post from a few years […]


Not Afrodite although Apollon is otherwise a twin. This IS Afrodite.  All the rest of these fotos are compliments of Paul Strubeck. In this set of Paul’s fotos, you may conclude that his conveyance is overtaking Afrodite, but I’m reversing the order as the vessel  Afrodite–leaves the upper Hudson running towards sea and St. John. […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2013 c

Today . . . as time constricts . . . just vessels, mostly under way, like Frances, at the confluence. Govr. Cleveland and Eighth Sea, locking and swaying. Eighth Sea, stopping at Rusty Anchor to lubricate a wobbly shaft . . . it was rumored. I’m out of my depth here. Kathleen Turecamo and Dean […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2010 d

My last post on the Roundup is a catch-all with some video at the end.  It include vessels that just happen to be in the area.  Like Kathleen Turecamo (1968), docked at Port of Albany. Cynthia of C. D. Perry.  Notice the exposed engines, and follow the vertical shaft of the drives.  I’d love to […]

Patapsco Watershed 1

Update from the previous post on Moran’s imminent move out of Fells Point in this link from the Sun. The heart of Baltimore offers a look at some tug house design evolution.  Cape Romain dates from 1979.  Note the green (of course) building toward the right side of the foto:  the Cat’s Eye Pub. Harriet […]