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Exotics 12

By now you’ve seen a trend in several posts . . . my showing you what my eyes want to misperceive.  Does this not look like a tug with a heaping deckload on a barge?   I took the shot Sunday in the rain, camera protected by an umbrella.   Precipitation diffuses the subject. A […]

Exotics 11

This is yet again a nautic scene in the Narrows, so I’ll bet you’re wondering why this title. It doesn’t appear all that exotic either, compared with other posts of this title.   But I’m thinking someone might be reaching way back to an epic if pungent voyage in 1987 and figuring this out.   […]

Exotics 10

What a treat to catch Dina Polaris on an daylight inbound run, and just before the April monsoons happen She’s been working in the New York Bight for some time, and I was hoping to see her.    Any guesses on maximum crew size? So her mission? I’ll let you speculate until the end of […]

Exotics 9

As she leaves for the North Sea port of Hull, finally .  . I caught Ocean Researcher.  She’s spent much of the summer and fall until now doing survey work in advance of wind farm leasing and development in the New York Bight. Seeing the vessel confirmed that she’s not a new vessel . . […]

Exotics 8

Fugro . . .  is not a local name.  In fact, it goes back to 1962, when Kees Joustra started a company called “funderingstechniek en grondmechanica,” shortened to the first few letters of each big word . . .  yields FUGRO.   I first thought it was a Fugro vessel I’d seen a few times […]

Exotics 7

Elsbeth III appeared in the Lower Bay on AIS Thanksgiving Day morning, and no matter the temperatures, I headed out to the surest intercept for photos. It turns out she’s not the boat I’d seen here over two years ago, delivering 20 barges all at once . . .  but the fleet sisters surely look […]

Exotics 6

No, it has nothing to do with dance, but refers to my bird guide which calls “exotic” anything appearing outside of its usual habitat.  Here are the previous exotics posts. These photos were all taken by Mike Abegg in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It’s Beverly M I, a McKeil tug.  I quote from the site […]

Exotics 5

Here are the previous posts in this series.  So what is this? It’s an ultra deepwater geotechnical drilling vessel.  It’s not drilling in the Upper Bay .  .  . although it has the gear to do so. With that helo pad above the wheelhouse, it looks to be what is associated with ports like Rio and […]

Exotics 4

Ariadne would surely qualify as an exotic in the sixth boro, and so would these two, seen in Verplanck a few weeks back. West Bay (1976) seems at one time to have worked in North Carolina, but Pelican nearby I’ve not a clue. Anyone help? Photos by Will Van Dorp in late July.  

Exotics 3

Again . . . in my field guide to birds, an exotic is a species neither indigenous to nor common in a region.  Transferring this definition to machines that float, I guess that makes almost all large vessels in the harbor exotics.  Here were installments 1 and 2 for smaller boats. This is not a […]