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A Day in the Boro

Sunrise on the last day of August:  Comet heads south across the upper bay.  Forecast is for the upper  90s. By 7 am, it’s already getting warm;  Evening Mist heads over toward Red Hook. 8 am Vale departs KVK, where Torm Sofia remains docked. Here’s a surprise:  farther into KVK out beyond Doris Moran and […]

Earth and Fire

Earth . . .  crushed rocky pieces of it . . . and fire . . . at least its most widespread  fuel  . . .  move through the sixth boro all hours of day and night.  Franklin Reinauer approaches as Evening Mist distances.  Both earth and fire are essential not only in the hinterland but […]

Random Tugs 48

Little toot surely!  And what might she be dragging along?  Answer at end of the post. A new sighting for me . . . Kathleen (1975). Jill Reinauer (ex-Ranger 1967). Amy C McAllister (ex-Jane A. Bouchard, 1975) with Ellen (1966) and MOL Innovation (1996) in the background. Choptank (2006).  And what is that dour yellow in […]


Yup . . . close up of a stack;  nope . . . this isn’t only about stacks although I do think Evening Tide has a classy one. In the foreground here, barge Evening Breeze rides alongside Morton S Bouchard II.  Serious question:  what does Evening Breeze sometimes referred to a “vacuum vessel” transport, what […]

Non-Random Tugs

This starts a new series . . . actually all those “random” tugs in the series that went up to 39 (use the search window to trace’em back) were never really random either.  But these . . . this new series . . . I won’t even pretend are “random.”  Like this Pegasus . . […]


In the vein of the five sightless people describing an elephant while each touching a different part of its body:  leg, tail, trunk, flank, and tusk  and each coming up with radically divergent views of the beast, here’s my attempt to see tugboats from one of many possible unusual angles . . . bow and […]

Tug Hackensack

I didn’t go to the Hudson to see the salvage effort today.  But here’s a link (NY Times) and another link (Peter Mello) to a story of a Massachusetts tug that assisted and a Flickr link, showing a K-Sea boat (McKinley Sea) and three Bouchard boats (Brendan and Evening Tide and ?).  Ron Rice shares […]

Coexistence 2

First,  Happy Hudson Day . . . that’s why some folk don’t work today. Update on Walrus:  Thanks to Gijs… Walrus stopped here for four days on its way to exercises with a Dutch frigate De Zeven Provinciën and the USS Dallas. Walrus then heads for Norfolk, end of October.  Info here. Although the coexistence […]

Tow and Assist

Characters: Evening Light followed by Brian McAllister. The story? Evening Tide (hereinafter Eve) gets clearance to shift this fuel barge and hand it over to another unit outside the Narrows. Notice Brian McAllister, h.i.a. Brian, on the far side of the barge. To simplify the description, I’ll say the barge points north before any shifting […]

Random Tugs 2

Today again I just succumb to randomness. Below John Malik ( or is it Anabelle Roehrig) engages in some mimicry with the Bartholdi/Eiffel structure.   Thanks to Mike Lesser, Evening Tide, eastbound in the KVK.   Here’s Penobscot, a downeast name like the others from Hartley Marine Services, east or downeastbound on the East River. […]