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Small Craft 15

Hats off to the small boats that work all year round . . . crew boats, patrol boats, fishing boats, line boats, pilot boats, dive boats, more fishing boats, more crew boats, government boats, more —soon to face major cuts–government boats more line and boom boats, and here’s a special . . . a historic […]

Random Traffic March 2016

I don’t actually go looking for parallel posts;  maybe it’s just that my brain thinks and eyes see in similar ways from one year to the next in March, but here and here are posts from exactly four years ago. Although this blog focuses on work boats, I’ll comment on backgrounds today.  What’s on the […]

Checking Back 2015 a

Here’s what I did two years ago.  And here’s what I did last year. This time I’ll do it differently, as post –more or less but close–the first and last photo I took each month, starting below with Buchanan I entering the Narrows on January 1 not long after sunrise. And I won’t mention each date, […]

Fog 16

When Walter’s building looks like this in the center of the island, the sixth boro looks like this.   Here Ava Jude pushes a Hughes barge past Ruth M. Reinauer wedded to RTC 102. Eastern Welder fishes as Emma Miller services Asphalt Star. Wolf River does hydrographic work while Chesapeake Coast lighters Elixir, and just beyond Amazon […]

Eastern Welder

I first had a photo of Eastern Welder here in a post from almost 7 years ago.  And I had the photo below all lined up back on the first day of the season, but I snapped it after my subject had left the frame.  Oh well, I put this here to show what the […]

Lettie’s Back!

Here was a post I did in early spring 2013.  She went to Portland, Maine for the work, and this morning she returned to South Street Seaport Museum pier, about 36 hours travel out of Gloucester. The timing was perfect for me . . . as I’m currently reading A Dream of Tall Ships, Peter […]

Sixth Boro Random Delights 7

Actually, this is a reprise of a post I did earlier this week . . .  Ferry Coursen carried trucks.  Mary H pushed a creek-size barge. Winter fishing continued apace aboard Eastern Welder. I got a close-up of Mary H. Brendan Turecamo headed out for an assist. A slightly different angle on Sorensen Miller shows […]

Random Sixth Boro 2

I’m always looking for “first-timers” like Sam. Is this the one . . . Sterling Equipment, built 1972?  And it appears to have a Randive unit on the foredeck. Viking, North River bound completes Ellis Island. Reliance heads for the KVK. Tampa, nearly 30 years old, has seen some intrigue in its day. Aha!  the […]

Jan Snow 2

More snow aftermath here. . . .but work goes on . . . like Eastern Welder, great name for a fishing boat, pulling in the harbor’s bounty so that it could be packed away, snow or no snow. Caspian Sea pushes a snow-whitened and perfectly-named  John Blanche. Torm Carina, resupplying before heading to sea, now […]

Winter Fishing

As I walked along the esplanade near Battery Park City the other night, I talked with some fisherman dangling hooks over the sea wall.  “Ling,” one replied when I asked about the catch.  But it looked so small.  Is there a legal minimum size for ling?   Here Eastern Welder drags just north of the […]