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Virtual Erie Canal 5W: Lyons to Montezuma

I grew up less than 10 miles from this very location, in Wayne County, and having seen the whole system, I’ll suggest that, from the water, Wayne seems the most rural county transited by the canal, and that’s just description, not criticism.  Interesting to me is the fact that familiarity makes it hard for me […]

GWA1: Narragansett Bay to the Sixth Boro

GWA stands “go[ing] west again,”  the next set of posts all attempting to catch myself and maybe you up, if you’re following along, with random and I hope interesting photos from the past almost three weeks.  I realize that catching up is impossible, and in this case while I had vacated the sixth boro, big […]

Narrows Dawn

This was the Narrows at 0730 this morning. I joined the ‘scapegoats for morning contemplation . . . to the east and north.  That orange tanker down there, they said, had a name I’d find interesting.    But I couldn’t read it yet. Below us, yacht Dofle Dust was bound for sea past Ratna Shalini. […]

Winds of December

Fundraiser TONIGHT Dec 1, 2010 for the tug Pegasus!!  It’s unfortunate that I have to work elsewhere tonight. A short post today . . .  it’s December and just to call it windy out is an understatement along the lines of saying that in winter the sixth boro is less hot than in June, that sex […]

Meditations D

I know I skipped “C,” but my editor lets me do anything I want . . . like rearrange alphabetical in order.  For the record, I have already gone to “C”  (pun intended) and will return but feel excited today to do “D” first.  Thanks to all for your comments/corrections/clarifications . . . I responded […]

Trawl Blog 2

I’ve used the “trawl net” or “line locker” concept to catch up on odds and ends.   The above foto shows Minerva scrawling her wise prose high atop Grand Central Terminal, the house the Vanderbilts constructed. So what might she write? Anyone interested in collaborating on a new blog called “Minerva’s blog?” Details below. His […]

More Ghosts

A previous post showed some ghosts of the sixth borough. They are more like the ones you sense after hearing a footstep behind you and you turn and there’s no one there and yet you feel a presence. There are other ghosts that are an absence, the ones in a place, a room or a […]