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Random Tugs 208

The wheel should be a giveaway for location.  More on that later in the post. I’ve not found much info on the delightfully-blue ST called “The Commissioner,” other than a photo of it breaking ice in Burnham Harbor. Kenosha, nearby, launched in 1954 in Missouri.   Kenosha pushes the crane barge out to a breakwater. […]

Really Random Tugs 36

Really random means photos from widely separated places by different people.  So here goes . . . the first two from Jed, who took them in the former Dutch Antilles about a year ago.  Triton is home-ported in Ijmuiden, another must-see place in the Netherlands if you’re interested in workboats. Click here for some posts […]

Fireworks & Tugs

See the decorated Dutch bar?  That’s not something you see every day. but July 4 is not an ordinary day.  Just look at all those people at the land’s edge:  “water-gazers” Melville called them, as you can read here with the last sentence of the second paragraph and go through the next two paragraphs.   All […]

Assorted Dutch Craft 3

Here’s an index to previous posts with this theme.  But truth be told, technology has no nationality.  Click here and scroll through for the last vessel, a Dutch tug vessel that for a time worked in the Chesapeake.  Here she was last week, all decked out and doing a tour in connection with a Maassluis’ tugboat […]

Really Random Tugs 27

Geertruida van der Wees  (1979) . . .  with a telescoping wheelhouse . . . I wonder how that six-syllable name gets abridged for radio transmission? Kaikoura (2014) seems to have “towing pins.” En Avant 7 (1981) and 27  (1960). Norne is 2011 built. Gepke III, believe it or not, dates from 1957, and is operating with […]

Really Random Tugs 25

I believe I took this in summer 2005, my first view of Lincoln Sea from W. O. Decker.  Lincoln Sea is now making its way northward probably along Baja California, if not already along alta California. A few days ago and from the crew of Maraki–aka my sister and brother-in-law–it’s Salvatore in Santa Marta, Colombia. […]

Assorted Dutch Craft 2

Janga Bork is NOT a Dutch fishing vessel, although the unusual (?) hull brings it to the top of this post.  The “L” prefix on the hull identifies it as Danish. By the way, the aggressive newish spell checker always tries to change my preferred spelling of “sixth boro” to “sixth bork.”  You may have […]

Assorted Dutch Craft 1

I’m not sure the following two boats are Kvichak built.  Three previous ones were.  Here was a post of those US-built Dutch pilot boats I had here a few years back;  check out the uniforms of the crew!   Unlike in the US, the Dutch lifeboat or life saving organization is NOT part of the […]

Dutch Pictures 2

Just some more photos and mostly from Amsterdam.  

Dutch Pictures 1

Photos 2, 3, 4, and 5 here were taken from Hoek van Holland;  the others are from Amsterdam.  It’s been rainy and gray.  Enjoy. T