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Sixth Boro Details

I zoomed in on details in some Panama posts here and here, so how about closer to home . . . .  All of the following fotos were taken in New York harbor, except one.  But that one could just have well been taken here.  Can you identify it? Otherwise, just enjoy the fotos.  Doubleclick almost always […]

Panama Details 2

The hat here is not misplaced.  On the job here a pilot guiding Histria Coral through the Canal.    She’s less than half an hour ahead of Cap Palmerston in the adjacent chamber. Canal employees (v. vessel crew) can be identified here by their blue uniforms. Histria Coral is a six-year-old vessel, built in Romania. […]

Panama Details 1

One type of post that has evolved here is Whatzit?   Know what this juxtaposition of hardware and jungle might be? This might help . . . well-maintained metals and uncontrolled jungle coinciding in this case is two ships side-by-side nearing their transit of the Canal from north to south. I have no more understanding […]

Waterford 2009 Details

A truckable tug named Mame Faye and her tow anchor outside the current near the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers.  Idyllic . . .  serene, sleepy upstate river banks .  . . eh?  She’ll be back. Here tugs Empire and Shenandoah tie up on the opposite bank of Mame Faye and along the […]

Allie B Heritage Details

As I post, Allie B steams eastwards 96 hours out of Boston bound for Gilbraltar and Romania.  One site I read recently refers to the type of information that follows as heritage;  other domains might call this previous lives or even aliases.   So, before carrying the Allie B name, the vessel bore these colors as […]

Allie B Details

aka closer-up shots from Saturday’s departure.  Might we have to wait til the Gilbraltar port call to get the next closeups?  And is the person on the barge just forward of Tibbetts the last one to set foot there until Europe?  If I could get a cheap ticket to Gilbraltar in two weeks or so […]

Review: Saved at the Seawall

September 11, 2001 was one of those days that changed you. Without a doubt, no matter where you were or what you were doing, you remember that day. We are still in its aftermath. It recast me too.  That morning I was at work in a Brooklyn three-floor building five miles from the Towers, across […]

Truckster! 20

Send me more photos of old and rusty trucks . . . or old and restored trucks along the road?  Here are more sights I saw along the road last month . . . 1940ish International pickup with a bony guy at the wheel?  Rusty trucks do seem to be attention-getters for businesses along two-lane […]

New Jersey Responder

The other day I caught Marine Spill Response Corp.’s  New Jersey Responder in the KVK out for training run. Click here for a list of MSRC’s assets around North America.  Of those assets, the sixteen 208′ x 43′ boats like the one below are the largest and most costly.  Previously I’ve posted photos of Delaware […]

Random ULCVS 10

Most of you know that dawn is my favorite time. Yesterday dawn–between 0545 and 0645–was quite busy;  two of the five vessels that transited the KVK were among the largest–so far–that call in the sixth boro. Pink sky with gradations, faded purple Brooklyn, huge but silent shapes, and spots of artificial lights. Birds silhouetted and […]