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Specialized 19

So what travels through this piping? C. R. McCaskill was launched just over a year ago with a bottle of champagne across one of the 35-pound teeth of the cutterhead.  Click here for a foto and story. For more technical info on McCaskill‘s capabilities, read this article by my friend Brian Gauvin and published in the […]

Inside Beaufort Inlet

Click here for an account of gallivants in and around Ocracoke and Hatteras Inlets as well as my connection to these waters.  Beaufort Inlet–near Cape Lookout–is scheduled for some depth maintenance these days with Marinex Construction excavating what McFarland count not extract.  Katherine Weeks enters the inlet from sea with a light scow. The only […]

Road Fotos 18

Ironically, Road Fotos 17 were taken where this post ends up.  And I had planned NOT to post today, but . . .  time affords posting, and posting makes a drive more like a gallivant.  Given that I drove to Hampton Roads, it’s interesting to reflect on what scenes are absent from this post.  Three […]

Pilots 2

Previous pilot boat fotos show vessels of Interport Pilots here,  Chesapeake pilots here, Charleston harbor here, Newport here, and New York areas ones here.  Below, Sandy Hook Pilots vessel Yankee heads out two months back when Blue Marlin lingered in the harbor;  on or about August 4 Blue Marlin will return. The white speck in front […]


It’s Friday afternoon, and the Upper Bay seems congested . . .  Yano is being spun in the distance as McAllister Responder and McAllister Girls head east and Amy Moran enters the KVK. Around the same time, here’s a shot of work in the sixth boro bookending the Yano move between my favorite cutterhead and […]

Kokura + Three

As Florida’s cutterhead chews the harbor bottom away at the rate of 43,200 revolutions per day … in ideal conditions of teeth staying permanently sharp, vessels of all provenances and sizes  sashay in and out and around.   By New York standards, Maersk Kokura is large, at 1040′ loa x 138′ beam, and its keel […]

Sixth Boro Close Ups 2

First:  If you haven’t already, check out Bonnie Frogma’s fantastic post on Olympia here. Foggy, rainy weather shifts my focus to closer range, to detail, like the contents of this gargantuan bucket taking bottom real-estate out to sea; the swirl of water over the bulbous point of a Romanian-built, newbie 900′ LOA container vessel; a […]