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Ethereal Hudson

Thanks to Timothy Cole for this photo . . . that’s the Hudson, looking south. Croton Point is the near low spit mid photo left side.   Who would guess that more than 10 million people live within a 50 mile radius of this spot? Timothy took his photo on December 1, 2018.  Bill Moyers […]


This is day 3, the Rondout brought a surprising visitor in the form of Kalmar Nyckel.  When I’m back, I’ll do a whole post of this vessel. These photos are included chronologically, so you’d be correct to conclude that north of the Rondout there are signs of nature.   Foreign mariners especially must be surprised […]

Ice 8

For a 2015 coyote on ice, click here and scroll.    If a coyote came up behind these critters right now, there’d be movements in the cycle of life.  Benjamin Moll took this amazing series of shots a few days back on the Hudson. I was wondering whether these deer approach the open water to […]

Still Postponing 2018

aka I’m off script, doing junkster instead of tugster…  This is like hitting the snooze button for another few precious minutes of sleep. Besides,  I found this wall of old Detroit steel, some painted up like bricks in the wall.  Scrapping is a necessity, but here’s to preserves like this. Given some pesky dark ghosts […]

Canal Spectacle

For starters, let me say I should have visited the Chittenango Landing Canal Museum a long time ago.  And if you’re in the Syracuse area, it’s certainly worth a visit. Now the museum is much, much more inclusive than this diorama, but the subject matter intrigues me . . .   My all-time favorite circus […]

Where There’s Pigs . . .

ooops, new pigs, there must have been an incident. A little background . . . .  A conductor of the The Timbuctoo, Khartoum & Western Railway Marching Band & Chowder Society emailed me yesterday about what they said was “strange small boat activity” just north of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.   Since I was in the […]

Chugster 4

In case you’re wondering if this blog has gone adrift . . . I’ll just plead solstice-ogling syndrome.  Why stay on course when a grape popsicle 1949 Mercury oozes by like this, and it’s tickling your tastebuds and it’s for sale, although I did not ask any particulars. Only at the mermaid parade could you […]


Here was GUP 3, and here was one GUP-related post since then, about the sale of a peer of the vessel below.  In case you don’t check the links and are wondering what GUP is, it’s my neologism for “gross universal product,” AKA sewage.  I’m doing this post now as a complement to my article […]

Denizens of DeWitt’s Digs

Lots of photos today . . . about just that, DeWitt being a former 1810 NYC mayor (after becoming disgruntled as US Senator from NY state . . . and before going on to other offices)  greatly responsible for up-commercializing the waters around the city so that the other five boros would come into being. Denizens […]

WLV-612 Redux Closeup

Click here for my serendipitous fotos of WLV-612 under way a few months back.  I traded those fotos for a tour.  But  the vessel immediately below is not 612 . . . it’s LV-87, 43 years older than the 612.  Check out the riveted hull.    Here and here are some previous posts on that […]