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Convergence 5

Entering the KVK from the east . . . it’s the tallest tall ship sailing the sixth boro. At about the same moment, entering the KVK from its west gate, aka the Bayonne Bridge, it’s Rebel, followed by Nicole Leigh Reinauer. Clipper City, launched in Florida in 1984, is a replica of a wooden schooner […]

Autumn Sail 9

Pioneer headed southwest,  then west. and Clipper City taking her stern. Laura K Moran takes the stern of an Offshore Sailing School boat. A small sloop appears to go head-t0-head with Meriom Topaz and does the same with Americas Spirit, as the tanker is lightered and provisioned. And finally .  . is the green cata-schooner […]

Autumn Sail 6

A yawl?  Know the name? I can’t help with the name, but it looks fun and wet.  It raced today as part of the New York Classic. The competition seemed fierce. Slower, but more stately, it’s Pride of Baltimore 2, who’s gone east as far as Lunenburg and west as far as Duluth this summer. […]

Summer Yachts

I looked for a name, but saw only this . . . ballyhoo, which reminded me of the conch republic already a quarter year ago.  Can you identify the yacht? Black Knight, head-turner that she is, sports no ballyhoo. Nor does this large trawler in town last weekend.  Know her?  I love the stacks that […]

Wanderbird 3

(Doubleclick enlarges fotos.) With a favorable weather window,  tomorrow nightfall may find Wanderbird out the Narrows and at sea, bound for Puerto Rico.    But midday today, she was anchored off Piermont, off the old Camp Shanks.  More Camp Shanks later. Captain Rick Miles came calling ashore in the skiff. At daybreak Paolo and Pitsik bade […]


Whatzit in this study?  Where is this library?  (Note:  Doubleclick enlarges most fotos.) It depends.  Monday under a sky itching to rain the library was here as this vessel wandered in through Hell Gate, and made her way between Gracie Mansion and Astoria and then past Roosevelt Island and Upper Bay-bound on the East River, […]

Autumn Sail 5

Late summer sail might look like this, Clipper City motorsailing up the Buttermilk Channel past Caribbean Princess, and early autumn sail like this: Gazela showing the flag in Oyster Bay.  The town dock here is roughly located in the former Jakobson yard, and that’s Growler and the Jakobson-built Deborah Quinn (1957, ex-W. R. Coe, Karen […]

Watercolor 3

A little more watercolor from yesterday . . . the rainbow injects magic into what otherwise might just be distant Brooklyn waterfront, Clipper City, and a Staten Island ferry. Here’s what creates the conditions for a rainbow. Color on water, this time reflecting a certain survey boat with unique paint loss patterns. You will notice […]

Clearwater Rebuild

All fotos and information here comes from John Sperr, last referred to here in relation to ice yacht Galatea, as its pilot. Today’s post comes from the same area of the Hudson where iceboating was happening a mere two months ago.  Ice has now given  way to the fine color heralding leaves.  Clearwater has wintered […]

Stone Trade

Unrelated to this post, but take 2.5 minutes and enjoy this audio slideshow for an article in the 4/19 New Yorker magazine, a story of a family towing life written by Burkhard Bilger. For an earlier post on the stone trade almost three years ago, click here.  All today’s fotos come from Jed.  Trident (ex-Delta Trident, […]