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This is Toledo to Detroit . . .and we start with Bessie B  making her way out toward the mouth of the Maumee River. Laid up . . . it’s Manistee. This post is geographically arranged . . . otherwise, I’d put this first.  Tug Wisconsin used to be America, launched 1897!! This ferry is […]

Algoway Goes Away

She was still self-propelled and earning cargo credit in September 5, 2017, when I saw her near Mackinac Island . . .   Ditto two days later in windsor and a bit later she was running down bound past Wyandotte, allowing me a close-up of her oxidation. But today, thanks to Fred Miller II for […]

Random Tugs 187

Thanks to Jonathan Steinman, who once a week has a moment to look out his window at work, here’s an angle on Kimberly Poling showing a weight bench just behind the wheelhouse.   In pleasant weather, that must make a great gym. Chandra B meets Morton Bouchard Jr with the Goethals Bridge–old and new–as backdrop. […]

Other People’s Photos 58

Here’s a short but motley set of photos.  Can you identify the tug below sporting the Canadian flag?  Answer follows. Below it’s Barry Silverton, pushing Fight ALS eastbound on the East River.   Big Allis identifies the location, where Don Jon folks/equipment have recently placed the platforms to the lower right side of the photo. […]

Really Random Tugs 31

Yesterday’s post led with Jared S aka Cheyenne II, and so I’m grateful to Jason LaDue for sending along a photo he took before she sank into the Genesee River, where she still lies. This next photo was taken by Renee Lutz Stanley, recently, as Pelham assisted the dead but lively Frying Pan to Caddell for some […]

Really Random Tugs 30

Really random means just that . . . and here are previous posts in the series. So–thanks to Harry Thompson– let’s start with this assemblage . . . barge Amy B, Evelyn assist on the far side, but prominent is the 1941 Bushey built Jared S–ex-Cheyenne II, Sally Carroll, and Martin J. Kehoe. The closest I […]

Random Tugs 136

Curtis Bay Fells Point built 1956.  Taken 1987.  Click here for Fells Point with more of the fleet.   Scuttled in 2008 at Redbird Reef near the mouth of Delaware Bay. James Turecamo built 1969 . . . in my first 2015 photo of her.  In the dry dock directly between James and the WTC, it’s […]

Really Random Tugs 25

I believe I took this in summer 2005, my first view of Lincoln Sea from W. O. Decker.  Lincoln Sea is now making its way northward probably along Baja California, if not already along alta California. A few days ago and from the crew of Maraki–aka my sister and brother-in-law–it’s Salvatore in Santa Marta, Colombia. […]

Ice 4

Storm Juno was all hyperbole in the five boros . . . not as  harsh as  in eastern Long Island and southern New England, but it was cold the day after.  Nevertheless, Mary Alice and Cheyenne were hard at work, as was Mister Jim. The same is true for Barbara McAllister and  Charles D. Buchanan 1 […]

Canallers in Winter

Frances . . . built on Long Island in 1957 looked quite happy yesterday.  She languished a few years a decade ago, but she’s now shiny and back at work. Click here and scroll through to see Frances as I first saw her in faux-wood paint.  Here are the basics on her. Cheyenne, a Brooklyn-built Bushey […]