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Sum of the Parts 4

Interesting name . . . I thought it was the number “3” in Arabic, but I was wrong.  Anyone know the reference? Clever logo . . . Feel like Wheel of Fortune yet? I can tell you that’s Capt. Brian . . . and you can probably tell me the location, by the tall tapered […]

Dense Traffic 3

From the east  . . .   and from the west . . . launched in 2010 and carrying up to 8500 teu, and to the left, launched in 2011 and  . .   4520 teu… they meet near midpoint in the Kill van Kull. xx They seem much closer than they are. Charles D. is exactly […]

Gunhilde 2

Yesterday I mentioned two reasons for early morning photos:  temperature and light. Ava M looks different too, with its spots illuminating the curved hull. As I post this, he’s already completely her east coast US run, and is racing eastward across the Atlantic, at 18+ kts.   Patrice tagged along until completing the turn at Bergen […]

Random Tugs 343

Marjorie B. McAllister is one of those tugs that confused me when I first started paying attention.  Below the house is down, and and here the hydraulics have raised it up to look over Bulkmaster. Ava M. McAllister‘s elegant lines are shown off as she assists a tanker to the Arthur Kill. Cohoes on the […]

Random Tugs 342

A new assist boat in town bringing 3800 hp to the job? Right . . .  I was kidding.  It’s Jones Act non-compliant anyhow.  Genesis Eagle is a 6140 hp pin boat.    JRT Moran and Capt. Brian McAllister do an assist of an ULCV. Pegasus gives Mount St. Elias an assist as it moves […]


Atlantic Star first arrived here four years ago, although that hardly seems possible. Five identical vessels transport containers and anything “rolled on.”  See a partial cutaway here. I’ve not yet made photos of Atlantic Sky and Sun, although I have noticed them either coming or going. But I just learned they also carry passengers . […]

Random Ships 87

The Kill Van Kull is a relatively narrow strait, but skill and experience allows passing like this to occur routinely.   Zim Tarragona (856′ x 106′) and CMA CGM Tosca (1096′ x 140′) need to mind the physics in this passage. MSC Toronto (1065′ x 140′) heads into Port Elizabeth with another container ship not far […]

Random Tugs 370

Bet you can guess where that line leads from the bow of Kirby Moran? Here you go. Jordan Rose has been tied up in Bayonne for a while, but Gregg McAllister passes her on the way to an assist. Michael Miller is one of the venerable tugs of the sixth boro, having worked here since […]

Random Tugs 306

Alongside Pilot No. 1 New York, the current one, it’s the newest-in-name vessel in the sixth boro . . . Meaghan Marie, ex–Kathleen Turecamo, has become part of the same green & buff fleet as Joseph John. Here’s a photo I took of her in port of Albany, September 2013. A different use of green […]

Random Ships 83

Remember Laura Maersk, the unusual tow from back in mid-June?  An engine room explosion disabled her, and she had to be towed in for repairs.  Well . . .  below are her tracks from yesterday . . .  first sea trials . . . aka a “test drive” and then she made a beeline for […]