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White Tug Fleet

Disclosure: I’ve never claimed to be in the tug industry although I’ve often considered trading in my profession to start a new life as a deckhand and go up the chain. Too bad life is so short or I’d do it. There is a precedent: in 1986, I resigned from a college teaching position to […]

Names 3

See new search feature on upper left. Type in a vessel name there to see if I’ve included it in a post already. I’ve added this in response to my own fallible memory and a recent email suggesting I do a post of a specific boat he works on, and I already had months ago. […]

Go West 10

Daylight on leg 10 saw us near the Ontario, Ohio, and Michigan border, where we met GL Ostrander pushing Integrity. We pass the abandoned amusement park at Bois Blanc, Canadian Coast Guard’s Caribou Isle, and ferry Ste. Claire moving cars between the Amherstburg, ON and Bob-lo “island marina community.” Here’s the channel looking south. Furuholmen heads […]

Random Tugs 110

Random, recent, and variously sourced. The closeup of Nanticoke pushing Doubleskin 57 toward the Goethals Bridge below comes compliments of Allen Baker. I took this foto of Robert E. McAllister. Marie J. Turecamo here assists Barney Turecamo, pushing the 118,000 barrel barge Georgia. Four of the Dann Marine tugs:  l to r, Emerald, Chesapeake in the distance, […]