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Relief Crew 19

. . . comes from the same source as Relief Crew 17, Seth Tane, whose most recent work is called Sea Train.  Back in the summer of 2014, Blue Marlin brought in a dry dock named Vigorous–the largest in the US.  It came on the back of Blue Marlin from ZPMC.  That dry dock is […]

Relief Crew 17

aka Blue Marlin‘s Vigorous cargo, with all photos and most text by Seth Tane, whose painting site has long been linked to this blog AND who took the photos of the sixth boro during the 1970s and ’80s that he and I collaborated on last year in the 10-post series I called “sixth boro fifth dimension.”  By the way, […]

JR 17

More from the Bay, starting with  Sigma, as seen from starboard and  stern. Blue Shark looks like sister of Blue Marlin. The bows of F. D. Honorable, A. H. Liguria,  Seabulk Brasil, and a smidgeon of Carline Tide . . . . Behold Maraba I and Blue Angel. GSO Marechal Rondon . . . . […]

JR 11

I know this is Kelly Ann Candies, but not because I can read the name.   She entered Guanabara Bay midday yesterday and was heading here over to Niteroi. And this, Davidson Tide. This . .  Havila Princess,  and again with a little more geographical context. And I know the outbound tanker here is Carmen […]

JR 5

The profile was unusual for me . . . with such a complex afterdeck. The name is somewhat familiar, although the BJ prefix makes all the difference.  Function? BJ Blue Marlin is classified as a well stimulation vessel, a new category for me.  Here’s the concept and here are more well stimulation vessels.  Click here […]

January River 3

Entering Guanabara Bay, it’s Wilson Sons PSV Tagaz. Inside the Bay west of the Rio-Niteroi Bridge and with the Christ statue atop the peak in the distance, it’s Olin Conqueror. Lined up here are C-Enforcer, Olin Conqueror, and Wyatt Candies. Identifying fotos of this densely- parked anchored gets complicated, but this is clearly Skando Mogster, Blue […]

Sixth Boro Fifth Dimension 5

Here is just one of the many posts I’ve done on Janice Ann Reinauer, now working in Nigeria under new ownership.  Here’s a post I did featuring her and siblings about to leave almost exactly two years ago, high and dry on Blue Marlin.   Of course, the skyline in the background shows that here–about 30 […]

Retrospective 3

Here are my posts from June 2 and 3 last year.  It was the day Maltese Falcon stooped across the bay with all sail set, sending the orange boat in the foreground to flee in panic, as if prey. Crew on the barge pushed by the McAllister tug to the left clock it at nearly […]

Swan is Down

(Note:  Doubleclick enlarges.) The title . . . those were the exact words John Watson emailed me last night.  If the message had been “hawk is down”  . . . or “condor …”  it would have alarmed me, but instead I charged my camera so that right after work I could zoom over to Fort […]

May 2012 Boro6 News

Tugster does not strive to be a “shipping news” site, but each time I walk or ride my beat, I DO keep an watchful eye for change, novelty, well . . . new sights.  Certainly this was true yesterday:   let’s start with the orange vessel to your left.  You’ve seen the colors before, but […]