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Other Peoples Photos 66

Let’s start with a Jupiter (1990) in Galveston, thanks to Allen Baker.  The photo was taken about a year ago, after Hurricane Harvey. Next, thanks to Lisa Kolibabek, another Jupiter, a much older one, which recently went into dry dock in Philadelphia.   Know the date of launch? Compare her frontal view with that of […]


Here was a related post, Yano, watched by John Watson and me simultaeously and from different vantage points, each of us unbeknownst to the other. Before the snow and cold hit this past week, actually Wednesday Jan 4, I was tipped off about an impending BDD dry dock exit in Bayonne.  And when James E. Brown […]

Circa 3650 Days Ago

I’m working on some tougher posts, but here’s an easy one.  Let’s flip the calendar back approximately 10 years, give or take a month.  Then it was Barents Sea, not Atlantic Enterprise.  Rowan M. McAllister is still around, although in Charleston SC.  And the container ship under the “un-raised” Bayonne Bridge is Zim Qingdao, currently […]

Government Boats 42

Let me start with the oldest ones not yet published.  There’s something timely about Tracy, the vessel below.  I took the photo from mid river between Ogdensburg NY and Prescott ON.  Are you hankering for a project?  Details below. The next day I got this photo as we entered Oswego.  RV Kaho was christened in […]

Wavertree Returns 1

Almost exactly 16 months ago, Wavertree left Pier 16 for a lot of work at Caddell Dry Dock.    Here was my set of photos from that day, and here,  subsequent ones at several month intervals.  Yesterday she made way, back to Pier 16. Here’s looking back west.  Compare the photo below with the third […]

Random Tugs 144

Ocean Tower passes the tow of Wavertree, aka “ocean wanderer.” At the east end of Caddell Dry Dock. Joyce D., no longer the newest Brown boat. Between Atlantic Salt and Caddell. In the Morris Canal. At the southwest end of Shooters aka Mariners Harbor. On the Shooters Island end of the Bayonne Bridge. All photos […]

Whatzit 25 Follow-up

With a tip of the hat to Jonathan Steinman for the photo and everyone else for updates, here’s a screen capture I took moments ago.  The destination of the cargo was Charleston Charlestown Navy Yard Drydock 1.  For a photo showing the existing door . . . identical to the one that traversed the East […]

Whatzit 21

Many thanks to John Skelson for sharing these photos . . .  and I’ll leave you guessing for a day or so. Notice the vessel westbound in the background.  In the foreground, that’s Caddell’s with an Erie Lackawanna tug and a dilapidated ferry.    The mystery vessel is what’s in the background. The bridge needs […]

Canal Corp 45 BU

You may recall my wondering about a Canal Corp boat I saw last year while I was working on the canal.  Alan Nelson sent the photo below showing the type of vessel while it performed ATON (aids to navigation) service. Here’s what Alan wrote:  “It’s a 45’ buoy boat. Designation was “45 BU”. They were built […]

Scale 5

As I write this post, Lincoln Sea is southbound on the Hudson, just south of where Stena Primorsk ran out of the channel a month or so ago.  Weddell Sea/Lincoln Sea foto was taken back in earlier September 2012. This closeup of the Lincoln Sea-DBL 140 embrace seems small and intimate until you read the […]