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From the Line Locker 20

I took the photo below–near my neighborhood in Queens– March 21, 2015, exactly a year ago. I took this photo this past weekend.  Question:  Where on Long Island is this light located?  Answer follows.  Be careful . ..  it’s a trick question. Actually, here’s a clue.  And I don’t mean to be ornery . . . […]

RVs 1

RVs, as in research vessels, have appeared here before, but since a blog evolves, I’ve not started out with this as a series.  Previous RVs featured here have included Sea Surveyor,  Kaho, Marcus G. Langseth, and Bold once and twice.   I’ve seen Time and Tide several times in the past month, although I’m not […]

Names 30

This Dutch Girl might be lost . . . parked along the Calcasieu (CAL-ca-zew) River in Cameron, LA.  Anyhow, she’s not to be mistaken for the Dutch Girl that fishes the sixth boro in the cold months. Pretty Jewelry . . . getting caught by false promises can be trouble . . .  Click here for […]

Bowsprite’s People Movers 3 and MUCH More

Click here for the index to this series.  The elusive Bowsprite’s work is not elusive here. MV Alice Austen‘s namesake was a pioneer photographer from Staten Island. The other ferry of the Austen class was named for another famous Staten Island artist here. Rich Taylor, who has sent along other photos including this one, which I […]

Ice 5

Taken Feb 4 by Bjoern Kils . . . the spearhead. Taken this morning by bowsprite, the onslaught of frazil ice.  Is that Amy C. McAllister pushing the Bouchard barge? Anyone guess the light tug in front of Ellis Island? And taken yesterday by Allen Baker looking over the stern of Mediterranean Sea northward toward Albany, the […]

People on the Boro 17

Here’s the index.  Here and here are some from far enough back that you can note change on the sixth boro. Any ideas on the photo below?  I believe that’s Robert Burton in the background? Here’s the rest of that image.  The two photos come from Bjoern Kils of New York Media Boat, which has […]

Other Peoples Photos 37

Know this superstructure?  Guess the date? Know other boats on this photo?  Actually I don’t although I see some Eklof colors. Here’s Mary Turecamo as she appears today, i think.  I took this photo in November 2009. And frequent contributor Ashley Hutto send this along.  Can you identify the location? And finally, from Walter, a […]

343 At Work

Here was the post I put up the day 343 arrived in the sixth boro, brand spanking new.  And below was a photo I took a few cold days ago when it seemed to be on routine patrol. Tony Acabono snapped the next two photos just before 0011 Saturday, and Ashley Hutto got this one […]

Other Peoples Photos 42

Many thanks to Ashley Hutto for this photo . . . gotta move a scow across skinny water?  Only five feet at high water?  Here you go.  Ashley took the photo in Tampa Bay. And thanks to my sister aboard Maraki . . . which departed Trinidadan waters yesterday.  It’s Island Intervention, a Vanuatu-flagged oil well stimulation […]

Other Peoples Photos 34

Here was 29.  (The apostrophe is making me lose count.) Below . . . just in this morning from Ashley Hutto . .  call this “can’t sleep ’til I get to Brooklyn.” From Jason Padgett high above Broad Street about a week and a half ago, part of a submarine on a barge entering the East […]