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Ice 5

Taken Feb 4 by Bjoern Kils . . . the spearhead. Taken this morning by bowsprite, the onslaught of frazil ice.  Is that Amy C. McAllister pushing the Bouchard barge? Anyone guess the light tug in front of Ellis Island? And taken yesterday by Allen Baker looking over the stern of Mediterranean Sea northward toward Albany, the […]

Other Peoples Photos 41

These photos come thanks to Allen Baker, whose most recent photos you saw here. I’ll just use his description:  “Heading east in the Long Island Sound on 27 December, just an incredible sky looking aft as we made our way east…. Tangier Island heading across the upper bay with the lower Manhattan skyline as a […]

189 Ghost Ships 2

From over four years ago, here was the first post about this reserve fleet.  I’m excited about the discussion that has gone on in the comments.  I’m also hoping that this post generates more of you to search through your old family photos and post card collections . . . and share more photos of […]

Random Tugs 136

Curtis Bay Fells Point built 1956.  Taken 1987.  Click here for Fells Point with more of the fleet.   Scuttled in 2008 at Redbird Reef near the mouth of Delaware Bay. James Turecamo built 1969 . . . in my first 2015 photo of her.  In the dry dock directly between James and the WTC, it’s […]

Quantum Satis

Thanks to Allen Baker for these two golden hour photos of possibly the newest vessel to cleave sixth boro waters.  Quantum of the Seas  . . . as names goes, just another name.  As a floating stately pleasure dome . . . it has the all the latest gadgetry, like a Makr Shakr bar, as […]

Names 21

Cold weather keeps me inside, where my fingers keep the keyboard warm.    I’ll start by revisiting this foto I took a warm morning in 2010.  That tugboat was 60 years old at that moment.  The easiest name to read is Ocean King, but in raised metal letters on the port bow, you might make […]

Something Different 17

Last May I traveled willingly into around a corner in time . . . enjoyed it, and posted the “fifth dimension” series that ended with this post.    So I toying with the idea of strolling into another.  Sadly, about all I know about these photos –other than that they show the sixth boro as it was […]

Bertha’s Present

Sunsets can gild and indemnify the efforts of the day.  A lightship can help safely navigate the impending darkness. but sunsets can also torment.  Although it’s the last day of September and progress has been very slow in trying to raise the $$ to save Bertha, there is still time.  Someone must know someone who […]

Sans Cutterhead

Twenty thousand feet under the sea? well . . . maybe just some marine equipment in a drydock. Oh!  This is Caddell’s Drydock #1, which you saw enter the harbor here just five months ago. And this is Weeks Marine R. S. Weeks, with an unmistakeable ladder–the part that works while submerged.  Click here to […]

Random Tugs 110

Random, recent, and variously sourced. The closeup of Nanticoke pushing Doubleskin 57 toward the Goethals Bridge below comes compliments of Allen Baker. I took this foto of Robert E. McAllister. Marie J. Turecamo here assists Barney Turecamo, pushing the 118,000 barrel barge Georgia. Four of the Dann Marine tugs:  l to r, Emerald, Chesapeake in the distance, […]