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Random Ships *5

My staying with this * thread leads me to wonder how to refer to this long peaceful international boundary between the US and Canada, and after rejecting a few like “third coast” (It would be disputed with the Gulf of Mexico) and “fresh coast” (Fresh has too many negative connotations) I’ve settled –for myself–with “great […]

Random Traffic March 2016

I don’t actually go looking for parallel posts;  maybe it’s just that my brain thinks and eyes see in similar ways from one year to the next in March, but here and here are posts from exactly four years ago. Although this blog focuses on work boats, I’ll comment on backgrounds today.  What’s on the […]

GHP&W 27

Know this water, more of a waterway than a harbor?  The distant buildings are a clue.  See the one just left of the center of bridge center, needle thin? Here’s another clue . . . the structure near the right side of the photo, like an old time gas station pump? Or this one left […]

Recrossing Paths

There’ve been plenty of people I’ve wanted to chance re-encounter, but it doesn’t always happen.  I’ve been to Southwest Harbor long ago, but I’ve never seen a Good Idea before. I saw this WLB come into the harbor the other day and just assumed it was Katherine Walker, WLM-552.  But I was wrong.  Voila Elm, […]

Random Ships 32

Red Hook with Alice Oldendorff in background. Lia with Stolt Effort on the far side. Hellas sisters with Left Coast Lifter in the background.  Anyone know when the gargantu-crane will move toward the TZ Bridge site? Ever Divine has seraphic lines . . . Zim Luanda follows a sinuous path through the KVK with assistance […]

New York Media Boat 1

Photo thanks to John Skelson . . . it’s not a bird . . .  it’s not a plane . . . it’s NY Media Boat, one of the recent recipients of the Life Saving Award from the Marine Society of New York for a February 2014 rescue from a sinking tugboat. So . . […]

Other Peoples Fotos 27

Darell T. Gilbert took this foto . . .  a hot air balloon over the water in Red Hook around the 5th of January.  WTF?!@#@!!  Anyone know the story? Thanks to Sam Zapadinsky . . . can you identify this creature walking on the icy upper Hudson?  Coyote?  Here’s a post from a few years […]


Bear with me here.  I got up at 0430 and caught the 0535  Long Island Railroad (LIRR) to Penn Station.  On the LIRR, marathoners.  In Penn, I caught the #1 subway to the Staten Island Ferry (SIF);  at 0615, it was standing room only on the subway, worse than on a work day rush hour […]

Random Ships 27

Here was 26. China-built 2008 Ranjan and an unidentified UPT tanker. The only foto NOT in the sixth boro here, anchored in Guanabara Bay it’s Japan-built 1998 Aframax tanker Moscow Kremlin.   Notice the Cristo Redentor statue atop the mountain to the right. Korea-built 1995 APL Garnet leaving town today. Name the tug off the […]

Random Ships 24

First, thanks to Birk Thomas . .  . Ice River currently in Philadelphia.  Here’s the reefer fleet list. And thanks to Mike Abegg, Alice Oldendorff, currently in the sixth boro, the vessel that started this blog over 2000 posts ago. Also, still in port, Asopus. And just out of the repair dock, it’s Stena Primorsk, […]