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KVK Square Riggers

Click here to scan the many posts with KVK in the title.  Here’s a new one inspired by arrivals that had many folks, aship and ashore, paying attention. Wavertree is suddenly and lavishly being regaled with sights of 21st century merchant vessels and crew from all over the world are paying attention. And a mile farther […]

Two Hours on the Narrows 3

Here were 2 and the first.  This was Sunday morning August 24 at dawn. Maersk Atlanta was headed out and the lifters –Oops I mean Ardmore Sealifter and  . .  Ichabod Crane–were at different stages of prep to move and and who be that . . . incoming  . .  . hull down? with lots of […]

New York Media Boat 1

Photo thanks to John Skelson . . . it’s not a bird . . .  it’s not a plane . . . it’s NY Media Boat, one of the recent recipients of the Life Saving Award from the Marine Society of New York for a February 2014 rescue from a sinking tugboat. So . . […]

Tugster Retrospective 2013

Here’s what I did around this time last year as a look back.  As intro, I’d say about the same this year about the number of new fotos and the way I chose these.  Subjective is the operant word. January 2013 . . . one day I caught a seldom seen Jennifer Miller passing Robbins […]

From the Line Locker 16

Inquiring minds have demanded more context . . . to Whatzit 16.  It’s called Harvest Dome, SLO Architecture‘s fun art project, which is intended to float in the Gowanus near 3rd and 3rd til late Spring 2014 on the watery side of this place.  Here are some fotos of the trip from Governors Island to […]


Thanks for reading my blog, whose goal is to help landfolk see my home waters — the port of New York — from the water perspective. The “sixth boro” is my invented term for the waters in and around the port. Part of my motivation is that mainstream media are “terracentric,” overlooking sixth boro news […]