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Two Hours on the Narrows 3

Here were 2 and the first.  This was Sunday morning August 24 at dawn. Maersk Atlanta was headed out and the lifters –Oops I mean Ardmore Sealifter and  . .  Ichabod Crane–were at different stages of prep to move and and who be that . . . incoming  . .  . hull down? with lots of […]

New York Media Boat 1

Photo thanks to John Skelson . . . it’s not a bird . . .  it’s not a plane . . . it’s NY Media Boat, one of the recent recipients of the Life Saving Award from the Marine Society of New York for a February 2014 rescue from a sinking tugboat. So . . […]

Tugster Retrospective 2013

Here’s what I did around this time last year as a look back.  As intro, I’d say about the same this year about the number of new fotos and the way I chose these.  Subjective is the operant word. January 2013 . . . one day I caught a seldom seen Jennifer Miller passing Robbins […]

From Richmond 2

Here was post #1 of what could become a series from over five years ago. Dusk rarely finds me at my places along Richmond Terrace, but last night I was here with elizabeth, and she took a pic much like this one, and when she sent it to FB with the question “Guess who my […]

2013 Tug Racing Season

The season comes to the east coast in late summer.  New York’s 2013 sixth boro race is 12 days away, but you can get tickets to watch it from a boat already by clicking here.  Be patient  . . . it may load slowly. This is NOT a foto from NYC.  Can you guess where […]

Cat ‘n Mouse

How did this cat gain its rotundity? What creatures besides cats occupy waterfronts round the world? Recognize this ovoid? And when this vessel leaves port . . . and heads for sea, the cats are satisfied.  Save a gato . . . . Here‘s an article on the felines.  Click here for info on “save […]

Stormy 2 Afternoon

Fotos from Barbara at Rockaway Beach around 100th Street here.  Emergency message to folks on the boardwalk:  “Go inside, and no surfing.” From Gary, East River looking toward the mouth of Newtown Creek and toward the 59th Street Bridge.    No movement. And finally, from L’amica dalla torre di orologio . . .  Hudson River […]

Meanwhile . . . in the Sixth Boro n Beyond

Many thanks to Paul Strubeck for this foto of a preserved “results report” he has . . .   from a 60-year-old typewriter!  A week from today Working Harbor Committee is sponsoring a great event they call the 20th annual North River Tugboat Race, but clearly there have been more than 19 prior races involving […]

Pier 25 Marine Art Show

Pier 25 is unmistakeable on the Hudson side of lower Manhattan.  I posted fotos of Lilac moving to Pier 25 aka “historic ships pier” back a year and some months ago.   On some of those fotos, you can see bowsprite catching lines from the Miller’s Launch crew assisting Lilac’s arrival.  Bowsprite also goes by […]

Maurania III

Yesterday I posted a foto of JoAnne Reinauer III:  there was a 1 and then the 3 . . . I wonder what happened to 2.  Not so with Maurania.  I just looked and there was a 1 and a 2.   Maurania 2 was launched in Brooklyn in 1952 and still operates in New […]