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Government Boats 40

. ..  make that boats and ships.  Thanks to Allen Baker for sending along this set of T-AKR 294 Antares moving out of GMD back in January 2010.  Yup, some drafts get caught in an eddy and they spin round and round never getting posted.  But I’m a believer that late is better than never. Antares […]

Random Ships 45

Here’s an index to the 44 prior posts by this name.  CMA CGM Parsifal here is heavily laden, looks huge–and for the sixth boro is one of the largest that have called to date–almost 11oo’ loa and around 8500 teu-capacity, but relative to the current largest container ship in the world is smaller by half, […]

Sea Surveyor

I’m not sure what the rest of the story here is, but for me the story is a vessel–Sea Surveyor–I’ve never seen before and parked at a location where it can get help . . . like this. Sea Surveyor is a vessel of the Gardine Marine Sciences group. Photos by Will Van Dorp, the […]

Daily Ship 6

Here was 5 in the series.  And here’s something I miss up on the Canal:  ships!  They remind me the planet is vast yet interconnected. From a distance, I thought this was Grey Shark.  It’s actually quite different, but its cargo is the same.   And while we’re on hauling cars, it’s been a while […]

Sixth Boro Details 6

Click here to read the first five posts in this series. I’ve noticed the vessel below docked along the south side of GMD Bayonne the last few days, and wondered about the name, Capt. David I Lyon, which sounds unusually American for a ship in the harbor.   Looking closer, I see the  black-gray-blue-yellow stack stripes […]

Pretty World

At 0630 today . . .  this vessel was still in Gravesend Bay, flanked by two tugboats.  I recalled it’d been there for about two days. As the tide turned, one assist tug switched out and others added. Three hours later . . . it was Margaret Moran, Joan Turecamo, and Marion Moran . . […]

From the Line Locker 14

Here were 11, which clarifies the title . ..  I hope. I’ve had these fotos from Seth Tane for quite some time.  I looked at them today while culling fotos from my library.  Foto shows Foss tugs moving the Sauvie Island Bridge span into position near Portland, Oregon.  Foss tugs visible are (I believe)  the […]

Scale 5

As I write this post, Lincoln Sea is southbound on the Hudson, just south of where Stena Primorsk ran out of the channel a month or so ago.  Weddell Sea/Lincoln Sea foto was taken back in earlier September 2012. This closeup of the Lincoln Sea-DBL 140 embrace seems small and intimate until you read the […]

From the Line Locker 11

A line locker, in my experience, is the place on a boat where all manner of miscellaneous line and rope is kept.  It’s like the “junk drawer” in your house.  I haven’t used this title in over three years, but when I get behind and have a set of unrelated fotos, it seems a needed […]

Daily Harbor Work

Actually that title captures 98% of this blog’s +1800 posts.  And just as elsewhere in Gotham or anywhere else, so on the sixth boro what work you see depends entirely on your station.  And my station this particular day was Tchefuncte River’s  Equitable Equipment‘s hull # 1428, delivered in August 1966 as Red Star Towing‘s New […]