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Second Lives 25

I took the photo below in spring 2012 on the event of 343‘s arrival in the sixth boro.  It shows (from far to near) FDNY’s John D. McKean, Kevin C. Kane, and Firefighter.  None of these vessels is currently owned by FDNY.  McKean has gone upriver to be converted into a museum, Kane has gone […]

Riverbanks 8

Recognize this location for sixth boro riverbank living? The fine print there says USNS GySgt. Fred W. Stockham (T-AK-3017), which was just outside the VZ Bridge a few days ago. Now it’s over by FDNY Marine 9, as if it were someone’s yacht.  The complex finally looked open, so I wandered in and here’s what I saw . . . […]

Government Boats 39

I’ve been waiting to get a good photo of the latest FDNY vessel under way and I caught it here the other day. Her top speed exceeds 40 knots, an important feature given the need to urgently respond to a crisis.   Another relatively new government boat in the harbor is NYPD 621, P. O. […]

Atlantic Star Sixth Boro Arrival 1

Here was Atlantic Star approaching the Narrows on Saturday, still a half hour outside the Narrows.  She was launched at the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard almost a year ago, and this maiden cargo voyage began in Hamburg on December 9, 2015.    Note the FDNY escort boat just forward of her bow.   That’s the Verrazano Narrows […]

McClintic and Cotter Redux

Here’s a post I did on McClintic and another I did on Cotter. Today’s post comes out of a response I received yesterday from retired FDNY dispatcher and historian, Al Trojanowicz, who wrote, “The full photo is fire aboard SAUGUS, American Export Lines (1919) with fireboat WILLIAM F GAYNOR (1914) alongside, and a mystery vessel off to left.  […]

Welcome William M. Feehan

Here was the welcome for 343. Yesterday, Feehan arrived in the sixth boro.  I miscalculated and missed the event, but New York Media Boat was there for the jubilation.       Many thanks to Bjoern Kils of the Media Boat for use of these photos.

Government Boat 39

Here are the previous ones. This FDNY boat has never floated in the sixth boro, although it should be here this coming Tuesday. I wanted to catch this vessel in the resplendent colors of October along the Erie Canal. Watch here for sixth boro harbor news for the time of a welcome ceremony at the Statue […]

Government Boats 36

Here’s an index to the previous posts in this series. This post is short and sweet, and you’ll soon notice the theme. 900 total hp of Yamaha above on the FDNY boat and even more Mercury below . . . divided between two US Customs and Border Protection boats.   All photos by Will Van Dorp.

Solstice Mermaid Migration 2015

Deer do it.  So do . . . whales, dragonflies, eels, and more .  But the annual mermaid migration, I find,  is as magical to me as it is to the young girl watching for the first time, taking photos, and one of the princesses of the sea came over and blew some sparkles all […]

From the Line Locker 19

Here’s an index of the previous “locker” posts. Let’s start with a photo from a secret salt seeking an identification.  All I know is that this photo of an “old army tug” was taken in 1982 and that the building in the background is the Brooklyn Army Terminal, a frequent background in sixth boro photos […]