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CB 2019 J

Gott passed just south of Detroit, so let’s pick up the journey there. On their way to Tall Ships Erie, Niagara above and Denis Sullivan below down bound under bare poles. At a steel plant, Herbert C. Jackson offloads coal. CSL Baie Comeau heads down bound. Bushey tug transplanted to fresh waters, it’s Cheyenne reinventing […]

Random Ships Along the St. Lawrence 2

In the narrow channel of the SLSW leading between Lake Ontario and Montreal, you can see salties and lakers fairly close up, as you can in the St. Clair area. Enjoy these. A bright day with fluffy but unsettled clouds enhances photos.   Most of these boats I’ve seen before, as you can trace by […]

Late Season Lakers 2

Because of a cold brisk wind, I shot some of these through glass, which is never a good idea.   But looking at this set, taken between Belle Isle and Sarnia, illustrate the variety of lakers, all in a context of not a single recreational vessel, something you’d never see in summer. Select info from […]

Between the Upper and Lower

“The road goes on forever and the  . . . [journey] never ends . . ..” Robert Keen’s lyrics are slightly adapted here . . .  The Straits of Mackinac is a tempestuous place with random seeming currents;  note all the shipwreck symbols on the chart below. Along the way, we pass Federal Mackinac.  I’m […]

Sixth Boro Self-Unloader

Preliminary question:  Where in the world is Alice Oldendorff?  Answer follows. This profile below–not Alice— might make you imagine yourself in the St Lawrence Seaway or the Great Lakes.  But I took this photo on the Lower New York Bay yesterday.  I had not caught a self-unloader of this style in the Lower Bay since […]


This is Toledo to Detroit . . .and we start with Bessie B  making her way out toward the mouth of the Maumee River. Laid up . . . it’s Manistee. This post is geographically arranged . . . otherwise, I’d put this first.  Tug Wisconsin used to be America, launched 1897!! This ferry is […]


Let’s call this the leg between East China, MI and Roger City, MI.  A faster vessel–Happy River–over take us soon before we both   passed Damia Desgagnes. North of the Blue Water Bridge, we passed Huron Spirit after she exchanged the pilots on Happy River. Once out in the width and depths of Lake Huron, […]

Salt or Unsalted?

I’ve posted enough photos of “lakers” that you might know what they look like.  In fact, I posted a photo of “queen of the lakes” only a few days ago. So the photos today below are the reason I’m late posting. Note the self-unloader.  This gear gives these boats enhanced versatility, as they can unload […]

Really Random Ships 1

Let’s try a variation:  I’ve random tugs and random ships, in which I’ve confined most pics to a single general location and a a single photographer . . . me.  “Really random tugs” combines locations, eras, and photographers.  So why not do the same with ships, although in this case I’ve taken almost all the […]

Morro Redondo Express

Rt Hon Paul E. Martin called here before a month over three years ago, that time carrying the same type of cargo. I took these photos yesterday, and believe it or not, I felt only a few drops of rain. The Martin is the second self-unloader to call in the sixth boro in three days, which […]