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CB 2019 E

This post, beginning in the hamlet of Jacksonburg NY,  overlaps a portion of the canal represented in yesterday’s post.  Notice our vessel to the left below;  the cattails beside the road to the road are growing in the original canal bed from 1825. Our tender ferries folks back from shore excursions. I believe this is […]

CB 2019 D

This post picks up at Illion marina, where Gradall #2 and a scow and Governor Roosevelt   worked.   A scow and a self-propelled scow waited on the dock while tug Seneca received attentions. A fishing kayaker demonstrated multi-multi-tasking skills. Rebecca Ann waited at the dock.  Madison R assisted with breakwater work. All photos by […]

CB 2019 C

Now in the Erie Canal, Tender #3 was above E3, BB 109 encountered an unidentified SPS, Dragon dredge worked over in Crescent Lake, an unidentified tender worked with two barges, one was QB #14, Tuulen Tupa intrigued and I’ll tell you my understanding of that name at the end of this post, At Fonda on the […]

CB 2019 B

CB is obviously “Chicago bound.” Neither Thomas D. Witte nor Clearwater here off Mount Beacon is that, but we were. Meagan Ann headed south with used and abused cars on SMM 157 for the start of their last trip. James William pushed several loads of building materials southbound. Rebecca Ann turned around for her next trip. […]


This is the last Chicago-bound post . . . after all, I’ve arrived and even seen the city in the rearview mirror.  A large part of Chicago’s port, per se, is here in the Calumet River.  Kimberly Selvick shows her versatility by gliding beneath the 95th Street bridge, stopping no traffic.  Not far away, I’m […]


Let’s follow Calumet out of the Calumet. There”s a turning circle farther up, so she was able to enter and leave bow first. The draw bridge drawn up to the right . . . that’s what remains after the Pontokratis incident in 1988 that threatened to delay traffic all the way to the Mississippi, according […]


Again, many thanks to Christine Douglas, let’s explore the Calumet River a bit more.  Actually, a lot more.  Let’s go back and see more of the GL yard.  From l to r here, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, and Louisiana. Closest up is the oldest . . . Virginia, launched 1914, just two years younger than Grouper […]


The Calumet River exits from southeastern Chicago.  For Mississippi-bound watercraft, it also leads into the continent.  I was thrilled to follow it a bit thanks to Christine Douglas.   Koolcat was the first tug we saw.  She was shuffling barges, as Amtrak passed above. Among those barges was strong evidence that we were no longer in the […]


WTGB-105 Neah Bay was the first vessel I saw along the Chicago shore . . . and thanks to a friend, I decided that I needed to see the vessel beyond the lighthouse close up. Previously, I’d seen it, but just imagined it was a replica. Indeed not.  As it turns out, Abby has been […]


We’re now in the last Great Lake of the trip, but that is a big lake.  In late afternoon, we pass Poverty Island, with its light sans lantern. Here’s more on the island. Morning found us in Manitowoc, looking at Neeskay, a 1953 Higgins T-boat. Any water visit to Manitowoc of course gets intruded on […]