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Miriam Moran

I won’t ask which tug that is, featureless though it is, given the title.  I’m actually astonished that after some 4450 posts I’ve not yet dedicated a post to this tugboat. That’s Brendan Turecamo on starboard bow and Miriam Moran on port.  Brendan is four years older than Miriam, which was christened in November 1979 […]

Random Tugs 219

Suppose we go back to “random tugs 2,” which was 10 years and two and a half months ago.  What might be the same?  Answer follows.  These photos I took last week.  Alex and Capt. Brian were not around when I did the #2 post. Craig Eric Reinauer was, but the barge RTC 103 likely […]

Random Tugs 277

Today it’s all light, technically.  Other than that, this set is all sizes, all ages, all powers, and all shapes. Let’s start with  Gabby L., built in 2007 (?), 25.9′ x 13.7′, and rated as 660 hp. Comparing that, check out Genesis Vigilant, which I first met as Michigan Service, (same order of numbers) 1981, […]

Creek: Rondout 2

I’m skipping over many miles of my road;  although I took photos, they would fit into a blog about watersheds and Poison Sea-to-Palatine history–which I haven’t created–more than here. Here was the first installment . . . almost a decade ago, September 2009.  Of course, the Rondout has figured in many blog posts listed here. […]

People on the Boro 24

Here are previous installments in this series. You might look at this top photo and ask yourself where are the people, and is this really about the sixth boro? They’re there, and to me bridges like this are hybrid creatures, attached to land but in air over water. I’d been here for at least half […]

1960s “future” that wasn’t

I wonder what kids now 12 or 13 imagine as part of their future, their 2050s, 60s,  and beyond.  I expected the beginning of the 20th century to bring flying cars, routine trips among the planets, and a whole different looking fleet than what we have.  Of course, who knows if what we have and will have is […]

Western Superior Tugboats

Let’s start with the grande dame . . . Edna G, on the land side of the loading dock in Two Harbors MN.  Guess her year of build? Two Harbors is about 30 miles NE of Duluth. Click here for more info. Nancy J, at the same ore dock, dates from 1964, but I know […]

Sea Junk

Happy Earth Day.  Well . .  every day should be that, and although I recall and participated in the very first one in 1970, I’m no longer so enamored of the name.  Planet Day would be better, and of course every day should be that as well.  Actually . .. I’m rather more attracted to […]


PBB means “place beyond belief.”  I knew immediately what this was, although I’d never expected to see one afloat and amove!  Know it? The translation here is literally “grain sucker.”  Click here (scroll to pic 5) to see a WW2 era floating grain elevator operating in the sixth boro. Here’s power lifter Matador 2 towed by […]

Random Tugs 119

First . . . this foto by Bob Dahringer of Katherine (1979 in Louisiana).  As of this writing, Bob is back upriver playing with Hudson River ice cubes. Next . . . this foto from Key West, thanks to my sister, who’s gotten a camera upgrade.  Yay!  A few years ago, I was snorkeling–sans camera–off a Key […]