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Many thanks to Pierre Kfoury for sending along this very clever photo in shades of black, white, and gray of Bruce McAllister he took up by New Hamburg, NY.  In Pierre’s photo, I like those gray shades and gray reflections too.


More shades of spray take us to Emerald Coast, passing Chesapeake Coast.


Sitting out on deck has to be evidence of a warm heart on a vessel


that will miss Mardi Gras in a warm place.



Frozen spray reinforces the fenders maybe?



The glaze coats the hull with a very light-gray layer.


Hunting Creek has glaze and icicles.


Even on this vessel with a hot name . . . the icy shading is present.  Is it true that this tanker was briefly in port to deliver the love drug —phenethylamine— to those of us crowded on the edges of the sixth boro?   A few years ago, this vessel was in the sixth boro with the name Golden Venus;  for photos of her and other vessels with fantastic names, click here.


So . .  50 shades of spray?  How about 56 or 65 or  . . .spray, gray, play . . . ?  The number is only limited by the imagination and the eye.


I had gone looking to get a photo of this vessel, but by the time I got to my favorite cliffs, they all have headed to warmer waters.  And given the usual fashion of mermaids, I can’t blame them.


Thanks again to Pierre Kfoury for his photo.  All others by Will Van Dorp.


It’s bowsprite’s drawing on the pin I’ll wear today.  Send me an email and I’l tell you how you too can get one of these pins.  Or send her an note . . . to the post she put up today.  The original event/foto happened here in September 2008, but it took bowsprite to transform that contest into some universal depicted on a pin.

It’s love . . .  can be  warm and abstract as it is to a six-year-old;  sometimes

filled with drama, pursuit-and-retreat-and-repeat….

It can be very high drama, perilous paroxysm, much more than hissy-fits.

It can just be bump-n-grind physical, rubber and steel til our eyes go askew as we

go through the process of trying on all shapes vaguely recognizable as hearts.  But it’s all

amor valentinus.  Here are my V Day posts from 2009 and 2007.

For me, the more dispassionate, the better . . .  but I’ll tell everyone (and everything) I really love that I love them.  Wanna try the same?

(Note:  See Bonnie’s iceboat video here.  Woohoo!).

New subject:  I went out looking the fotos the day before the snow storm, and here’s what I got in response to a request from my cousin.  It sounded like she asked for fotos of decks in the city . . .  with storied locations as back story . . . many stories, plenty decks.  Caveat:  She mumbles a bit, my cousin.  Well . . . cuz . . .

… for tugboat decks,  here’s Morgan light.  And in the background, a spread of city from Goldman Sachs (Jersey City) on the left to World Trade on the right, with the Empire State Building and the tip of Chrysler in between.

About-to-pirouette product tanker decks, here’s Affinity.

More light tugboat decks, try on Socrates.

You want throaty power?  Consider the decks of Adriatic Sea and DBL76.

For some variety, you might check for a fit with ice-class tanker decks, the festive color and musical name  that is Stena Concert . . . and just in time for Valentine’s Day. Yes?  Well, more decks then.

For doubleskin barge and tug decks, I give you Pocomoke.    I can tell you’re not satisfied yet, cara.  More to come.

Newish tugboat decks with a feline flair . . .  here’s the ex-Jaguar now Kimberly Poling.

All fotos taken on February 9 ( less than 24 hours before onset of the so-called snowcopalypse) by Will Van Dorp.  More decks and then even more, but for now,  it’s lpm.  I’m all tuckered out.

To be continued . . .

Bowsprite’s Tugkiss post recalled one I did some months back on full frontal …  here.   This recollection made me return to archives for other imagined kisses, like the one below of Davis Sea and Janice Ann at the Tug Race 2007, a likely pair, whose kiss entertains humans on the pier as well as a single commercial gecko on the billboard beyond Davis.


And then unlikely pairs happen, like Cornell‘s hoary rostrum giving the tiny BTU moments of anticipation, amusing a similarly lopsided set of observers..


Even official vessels can lose all self-consciousness during moments of abandon.


At Tug Race 2008 when Teri Lou looks for some stress-relieving kissing, you might imagine she’d find the likes of


Ron D. Garner, right?  But


But no . . . objects of our attractions might be quite unexpected.  Who would have thought she’d be drawn to  . . . W. O.?


Bowsprite . . . you might –like a photographer at a Valentine’s Day ball– brush all day creating aquarelles of the stuff that keeps philematologists busy.  Isobel Gloag created one of my favorite painted kisses here, top left.

This just in:  Henry’s sent his latest update from Amsterdam.  Check it here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp;  Ron D. Garner was foto’d eastbound on KVK this week.

Enjoy this batch of bonafide Danielle M. fotos.


10,000 horsepower!


150′ by 44′ by 23.  Anyone know airdraft?


Built in 1997 at Halter Moss Point, Louisiana, of course.   That’s Linda Moran meeting Danielle M in the KVK.


Danielle M has  brawn, focus, simplicity–features that attract me


in women, too.  Hey, it’s Valentine’s weekend.  Happy.

All fotos taken in November 2008 by Will Van Dorp.

Personal disclosure continues. This is another big “V’day.” Who would I possibly be photographing in the middle of the Hackensack between the Skyway and the 1-9 bridge?



Who’s the businesslike behatted Hudson River skipper of Margarita leaving the Catskills astern? The shirtless pirate behind her is actually an updated Cupid with a weapon aimed in my direction as I relax on the bow.


And who would possibly be standing on the stern of “home” a few years back fashionably attired for the snow season?


It’s Elizabeth, co-captain of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day. She has many specialities, and she introduced me to blogging. Yeah, her specialities are different from mine.
Oh, the white vessel? OK, it’s fiberglass, not steel or wood. And we moved on after three years in this lovely marina because of too many mornings before leaving for work, having to thaw ourselves free of the bulkhead. Defrost our bodies is what I mean, for they had become frozen to the “walls” of the v-berth overnight.

Love endures all, overcomes all, and moves onto land!

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