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Let’s start here with a different cropping of a photo from May 2022.  I’d known about Kenny G for quite some time. 

But yesterday, while I was “trapped” in a Batteryside building, I caught Nicholas G, also a Sound Marine vessel but one I’d not known about.  I wish I could have gotten clearer photos.  Maybe it’s a newish addition to the Sound Marine fleet. 

Similarly, a month ago, I caught some so-soish photos

of Christy Anne, and the “Clea” lettering between the green lines and the yellow lines left me wondering.

Well, yesterday, although quite engaged with another set of tasks, I saw “legs” along the Battery also, and in limited free time, snapped some shots.

It was not a liftboat, given the apparent* absence of self-propulsion, but

given the livery, apart from being almost Ukrainian, there’s that “Clea…” revealed as being J T Cleary, a marine construction company I was not previously aware of.  Other lettering here–see the vertical lettering at the top of the legs? ANDRIE.COM?   I’ll comment below.

*Apparent was the word I used above.  However, if the vertical cylinders here can be versions of Thrustmasters, then it would be self-propelled, although hardly a liftboat.

Andrie is the name of a marine company on the Great Lakes.  Some of their boats have previously appeared on this blog.  Could this be a “spud barge” that has been brought down/purchased from  interests on the Great Lakes?

All photos taken Tuesday, WVD, who was too preoccupied to followup yesterday.


Call this the seldom-seen version of RRT.  I love that blue and the name on this 1954 tugboat.

Kenny G …. I caught her tied up on the south side of Hudson River Pier 25, but by the time I got back there, Kenny G

had moved tow elsewhere. 

And here are a few maybe never before seen in the sixth boro from Capt. μηδέν, who sends along the next four shots.   Meet the 1981 Marcella G. Gondran, which autocorrect insists incorrectly must be Honduran.

Also from the peripatetic sailor, here’s H. J. Reinauer and Iron Salvor, the latter certainly being an unusual vessel.  I know some stories, but i’d love to learn more about this global nomad

 Here’s H. J. with the more familiar Diane B in this framing.   H. J. is a 1979 Jakobson-built tug that appears to be headed to a new life in the very far south. 

This version of Little Toot . . .  is another I’ve not seen in ages.  Often that moniker goes to any much-smaller tugboat. This 61′ x 21′ 1977 tug came from the Blount shipyard.

And to close it out, here’s another shot of William F. Fallon Jr. over by the KV buoy.   The the former J. George Betz from 1995.

Unless attributed to Capt. μηδέν, all photos, WVD.

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