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A connection between the vessels below other than that I took all the fotos in the past two weeks . . . eludes me for now, but you might know of a link, several even, beyond the obvious.    Brian Nicholas pushes scrap over to Claremont moving past the gray Penn No 6.


Catherine C Miller carries diminutive Donna M on the hip . . . er . . until Donna can serve as prime mover.


Joan Turecamo and Doris Moran dwarf the landmark Moran barn.


Since pairs has emerged as a unifier here, I’ll point out that Liberty Service anchors off the Palisades with its mated barge, but from this angle, all I know is that barge carries New Orleans registry, but then again, that’s true of all Hornbeck equipment, I think.


The outatowner Irish Sea hangs for now with DBL134 over at Constable Hook aka Con Hook.


Donjon, Penn Maritime, Miller, Hornbeck, Moran, K-Sea . . . a connection that presents itself is that they all operate in sixth boro waters, accessible to Atlantic Basin, where PortSide New York is poised to create a maritime hub.  This will increase access to the retired oil tanker Mary Whalen and create programs about the waterfront on the waterfront.  This space will host workboats like the ones above  as well as historic, government, excursion, and charter vessels.

Buy tickets here and now for PortSide NewYork’s fundraiser from 6pm til 9 pm this Saturday night  at the Brooklyn Lyceum. . .  or bid on line for the fabulous auction items (like a catered dinner at a private waterfront location with Bowsprite and me)  on eBay.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

PS1:    Remember the Nigerian tug Yenagoa Ocean taken by Somali pirates?  Here’s my post.  According to EagleSpeak (scroll to June 8 ) and Australia.To . . . the crew of Yenegoa Ocean has escaped, in their tug!  Bravo!

PS2:  On Thursday, June 11th at 7pm the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is hosting an Information Session for prospective City of Water Day volunteers.  Join us, bring your friends, and be a part of this one-of-a-kind celebration!

What: City of Water Day Festival Volunteer Information Meeting

When:  June 11, 7pm

Where:  457 Madison Ave. 4th Floor, NY, NY



The City of Water Day Festival takes place on Saturday, July 18th, 2009 from 10am to 4pm, but some volunteer tasks begin as early as 8am and end as late at 7pm. Follow the City of Water Day Festival at: <>

In the vein of the five sightless people describing an elephant while each touching a different part of its body:  leg, tail, trunk, flank, and tusk  and each coming up with radically divergent views of the beast, here’s my attempt to see tugboats from one of many possible unusual angles . . . bow and stern.    Below,  Norwegian Sea, dawn in the north end of Arthur Kill,


Dace Reinauer, same location, different day and weather,


Evening Tide leaving east end of KVK,


Penn No. 6 westbound in KVK,


Greenland Sea looking to refuel at IMTT Bayonne,


Mary Turecamo fishtailing in KVK,


and back to Norwegian Sea in top end of AK.


Now as for more “new” angles . . . I’m working on it.  If you’re privy to angles off-limits to me, I thank you to take some fotos and send them along.

Unrelated:  A new logbook page has beamed in from obsessed Henry and the Half Moon headed for Cathay 1609.  Check it out here.

Photos, WVD.

But no . . . not unlikely at all.  Without boring you about the meaningful pairs I enjoy in my life, the caldron we call the universe runs over (excuse my poetic tangent there . . . like a sneeze) with them: the moon has a sun, every satisfied shark interacts with a remora (or two), a green parrot once dominated a pirate, a nautical pussy ran off with a seafaring owl, Senor Quixote consorted with both Senor Panza & Rocinante, Ishmael and Queeqeq shared a mattress in a place called New Bedford, rum mixes well with coke, my belly harbors friendly acidophilus,  . . .  and Lucia (121′ loa x 38′ @ 7000+ hp)  needs June K (78′ x 26′ @ 2700 hp).


I’d like to see barge Caribbean light some time because heavy leaden as here, the bow resembles a ship.


Side by side they pass, and


on this afternoon, June K looks more fulfilled than ever.


If I judged from my life, I’d say unlikely pairings are usually the strongest.

Unrelated:  lest we get thinking ourselves too high-minded and clean-handed, check out Jim Dwyer’s Times article with an interesting history lesson this morning on New York’s choosing at times of dubious leadership to use piracy as a “development” tool.

Photos:  WVD.

So I enjoyed writing about Margaret Moran pinning Sex (ok, aka Seoul Express) to the bulkhead this weekend, and it led me here . . . to the pins that are invisible while in use . . . (hmmm this too could lead into risque territory… oh I love spring time.)  Anyhow, Davis Sea (launched 1982) has


pins although I don’t know how long back she was pinned.


So does Norwegian Sea (launched 1976)


although Maryland just beyond her does not, as evidenced by the push cables.


Scott Turecamo‘s (launched 1998) come from a different manufacturer, the same one that Craig Eric Reinauer‘s come


from although Craig Eric (launched 1979) has a service ladder


I wonder when someone would use that fixed ladder.


Of course, other pin designs exist also such as this


on Penn Maritime’s Julie (launched 1998).


All these pins have nothing, though, to do with how Margaret was pinning Sex to the bulkhead.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Hoboken, 43′ loa, and never been anything but Hoboken living on Frank Sinatra Drive, launched 1963;

Meredith C. Reinauer, a pin boat since launch in 2002, 123′ loa;

Megan McAllister, ex-Arthur F. Zeman Jr., 77′ loa, launched 1985;

Penn No. 4, ex-Morania No. 4, 1973 and 120′ loa;

Penobscot, ex-Wm J. McPhillips, 99′ loa, launched 1959, and registered in Boothbay;

After bunkering Nowegian Dawn, here’s Solomon Sea, ex-Brandon C. Roehrig and Diane E. Roehrig, 89′ loa and 1964;

Paul T. Moran, 138′ loa and since 1975 dba Ocean Venture, S/R Golden State, Exxon Golden State, and Eliska;

and Java Sea, ex-Patriot, 1981 and 110′

and the oldest is . . .  Penobscot.  What?  I already said that?  Just back from self-assigned project weekend.  Details will follow.  Welcome back too–you know who yous are.

Photos, WVD.

Can you rank these tugs by horsepower high to low?  All foto’d since the start of October:  Barney Turecamo, pushing oil;

Meredith C., moving Jersey City westward in push gear;

Huron Service, pushing oil on a fall foliage tour;

Amy C., out to pick up some exciting foreign ship;

Dolphin, basking in the graving dock.  All fotos but one by Will Van Dorp.  The other is by Blake, age 7.  Guess which?

Vitals:  Barney, 5100hp.  Meredith C, 7200hp.  Huron Service, 3620hp?,

Amy C, 4000hp.  Dolphin, 4300hp.

Dolphin was snapped by Blake during OpenHouseNewYork.  Bravo!

Some folks have started imagining what “big boys” might face off in the upcoming sixth boro tugboat race. Although size certainly isn’t everything, it is something. From my archives, I’m including “local” tugboats rated over 6000 horsepower. Nicole Leigh generates 7200 horses.

The man near the stern reveals the size of Nicole Leigh.

Penn Maritime’s Julie churns with 7010 hp,

Vane Brothers’ Brandywine produces about 6000,

and 6480 horsepower for K-Sea’s Barents Sea. Notice the red pickup forward of the bow on the dock.

More to come, including the biggest I’ve seen in the harbor. Know some candidates?

So I have a question about units for quantifying “power.” Engine power on larger ships seems expressed in kilowatts, but in tugboats, the more common unit is horsepower. Is there a coming trend to rate the engines of tugboats and smaller vessels in kilowatts?

Unrelated: See a slideshow of the spill near New Orleans. Besides all river life, see who’s in trouble here.

Photos, WVD.

What gets dragged up? Herring have schooled in the bay recently. Seals have followed them in.



Dutch Girl, Lobster Boy, and Miss Callie follow whatever harbor fish in from outside the Narrows themselves. Notice the hourglass dayshape in the rigging above denoting that trawling is underway.



What else might come up in the trawl nets? What deep harbor life or trash? What off-limits areas are there? Any submarine habitats of the Captain Nemo luxury condo sort? Have any exclusive underwater hotels  opened their doors–er… hatches–under the bay, as Peter spotlighted recently in his fantastic Sea Fever blog?



Question for longer-term witnesses that I am:  was there a time when NO fishing happened here in –say–the 50s?  For now, there’s some reassurance to see fishing fleets, fuel barges, and our Lady juxtaposed.

Photos, WVD.


All fotos, Will Van Dorp

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