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It’s not just mea culpa.  I’ve done it, you have too, most likely.  “What?” you ask?  I’ll get to that.

Foreshortening does make for dramatic photos.  And that looks like a spare prop high up on the port side deck.

Watch out there, Madame Mallard . . .

What would Captain Ahab make of this profile?  Onyx Arrow was in port for less than a half day yesterday, arriving from Halifax and Europe before that.  Early afternoon I got these photos of her leaving town…

So this “we’re all at fault” title in Latin above?   We’ve all hit animals while driving:  birds, bats, other folks’ pets, turtles . . .  I’ve never hit a deer, but over a million are hit on US highways each year . . . .

Here’s what I’m getting at . . . see it on the bulbous bow?  Here’s more info on ship strikes . . .

It’s sad to see . . . like deer along the highway, but mitigation seems not so easy.  I know of a sailboat sailing with no engine running that hit one that may have been asleep on the surface . . .  middle of the night.

The last two photos come thanks to the always alert Tony A;  the others by Will Van Dorp.


aka  . .  pastries pasties and paint, starting with the self-described  “naked cowgirl.”







put up






See you at south Brooklyn aka Isle of Coney next year.

Happy summertime.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

You may already have seen Vladimir’s slideshow on Facebook or on Frogma.   You may have read Ian Frazier’s New Yorker article “Seals Return to New York City.”  But this even trumps that:

Small cetaceans hanging out around the Narrows.

I don’t know if it’s a dolphin or a porpoise but it IS exciting.

And if that were not enough, last Sunday Vladimir and Johna also saw

pinnipeds.  I am surprised by the total disregard by these cetaceans and pinnipeds of regulations governing their approach of paddlers.  You’d think they’d show a little restraint, but  . . .

Here’s an interesting video about what NOT to do with wild animals, in this case an ijsbjorn.  Polar bears appeared on this blog once before, thanks to Peter Mello. 

Many thanks to Vladimir for permission to use his fotos from last Sunday.   A previous post featuring Vladimir’s fotos is here.  Click here for more stories on sea creatures that just do NOT follow the rules.

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