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Here are previous cargoes posts, but today I could have called this fog as well.  But what is it . . . a happy marina?

Oh . . . Hornblower Hybrid , a misnomer, and Amarula Sun, a sport fish . . .

It’s a Big Lift vessel with a marina load on its deck.





I wonder she’s headed after the Panama Canal?

In the Big Lift fleet, I’ve seen H Rover, H Buccaneer, H  River . . . and more . . .

Happy Dynamic has been here before.  I wonder where this cargo is headed . . . as final destination.

All photos this foggy morning by Will Van Dorp, whose previous “marinas on deck” posts include Flinterborg and Flinterduin.Rod Smith helped out with Traveller carrying Half Moon across the Atlantic.  And let’s not forget Peking’s ride. 

About Hornblower Hybrid, which arrived in the sixth boro in 2011 . . .  what percentage of its power did it ever get from solar, wind, and hydrogen?


Lomer-Gouin and

Alfonse Desjardins are twin 1971 ferries, or traversiers operating between Quebec City and Levis, but the organization has ferries between many other points on the St. Lawrence as well.

The word traversiers is easy to trace and associate, but the derivation of ferry is from Norse. 

These are no double ended ferries like those big orange ones in the sixth boro.

And the bow seems designed to ride up on and crush the ice.

Now I don’t know if there are still openings, but the sixth boro will soon have a more inclusive set of ferry stops as well.  I believe you can find the notices here.


All photos by Will Van Dorp, who was too late for the ice canoe races this year, but next year, I’ll be there.   You have to see the photos in that link.

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