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It took a few months before I could identify this tug, which I’d seen in Kingston last spring.  No one was talking maybe.

When I saw the vessel again in Waterford, it bore a name:

But why . . . Nor did I know that it had arrived upriver via anything but its own propulsion.  The prominent broom in foto is a distractor.

It’s time to play . . . Samhain!  See neversealand‘s play here.

Sorry . . . the hallowdayeen spirit intruded.  All fotos that follow come via Harold, whose foto collection and expertise are immense.  Spooky traveled to the Roundup on the hip of . . .

Gowanus Bay, whose previous shots here can be seen using the search window upper left.

Before acquiring a patina of fright by lurking in the waters of Amityville (Long Island), the spooky one had been just plain Josie, pushing sand by means of her own propulsion.

Enjoy the weekend;  I’m off haunting the river of my my forebears.  See a halfmoonthly installment here later Friday.  More on that next week.

For the record, I dislike the term “etc” except when talking with clairvoyants and enjoy Halloween parties as long as costumes are mostly body paint, glitter, mud, metal, horn, feathers, and scales, or anything non-celebrity/plastic/Hollywood. Pirates? I have low tolerance for them. And where has my laissez-faire self gone? Check out this Yahoo story. Here’s an October 2007 National Geographic story.  Here’s one from 10/30.



Here’s a Somalia story. And another. And still another. Blood and gore don’t bother me; I can have messy eating habits myself.



The International Chamber of commerce displays info on its “live piracy 2007” map at the link here. Loading may take a few seconds.

I like mermaids of all sorts . . .



But no stinky pirates. Commercial Halloween pirate costumes? Begone! Bah humbug . . . oops that’s a different holiday.

Happy Halloween, but I’ll be working that night.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp 2007.

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