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Seen at the Narrows Thursday and I asked myself:  Have I ever seen this boat?

It depends what you mean.  Vessel IMO 8968777 was launched in Morgan City LA in 2000 and then came to the sixth boro, which she frequented most of the next decade under three names:  Leif S, Sea Ox, and Inland Sea. I never saw her under those first two names, but below she took part in the September 2007 tugboat race.

and September 2008.

By September 2010, K-Sea had her working mostly in Philly.

K-Sea was absorbed by Kirby in 2011, but I never saw her in Kirby livery.  She changed hands twice in 2013, ending up as a Vane boat, and eventually she was renamed Brooklyn and returned to the sixth boro, where Vane has a yard.  The photo below shows her on a cold February day in 2015, spray becoming an ice glaze on her bow, an image I hope is as refreshing on a sunny summer day as a cold beer or lemon ice!

So here’s the boat in question, now called Charlotte V.  And the answer is . . .  Yes, it IS the same boat in all the photos in this post.

The livery is changed and an upper house has been added.

As of this morning, she is still in the boro, over by the GLDD dock.

All photos, WVD.

Charlotte V is currently owned by Gore Marine, who also owns another boat formerly based in the sixth boro and then known as Vera K.  She visited here as Bobbie Ann back in fall 2020. 

Bobbie Ann departs the sixth boro with some GLDD equipment. 

Little did I know at the time that Bobbie Ann had left the sixth boro a decade ago, then as Vera K.

Ernest Campbell wrestles along a double hull bunker barge. I wonder why the Centerline Logistics lion has not yet been added to her stack.

When tugs like Mary Turecamo assist a deeply laden tanker, the perspective from the upper wheelhouse is so much different than when assisting a ULCV, with their much higher freeboard.

Sometimes the 46′ x 15′ Rae is just the right size.  Recall Rae‘s role in getting Wavertree back into her berth after the big renovation?

One of the newest tugboats in the boro, Cape Canaveral, 105′ x 36′ and generating 5000 hp, has the most evocative name.

She has two siblings, Cape Henry and Cape Lookout.

Again, is it me?  I don’t believe I’ve seen Justine in a long while. She’s also 105′ x 35′ and 4000 hp.  She has an elevating wheelhouse, which you can see here, scroll.

This is crowded:  (l to r) Diane B, Saint Emilion, Meredith C. Reinauer, Lois Ann L.  Moran, and Pathfinder.


Escorting from a distance astern, it’s Kimberly.

And finally, a photo from some time back, Vane’s New York, now working on the Great Lakes, Vane’s only freshwater unit . . .  that I know of.

All photos, WVD.

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