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Here was Random  . . . August 2010.

Identify this?

And here, pushing barge John Blanche?

An unidentified sloop trails a self-assured looking Susan E.  Witte.

Lots of coordination gets Mangarella into Bayonne GMD, with Amy C, Ellen, and  Resolute;   John P. Brown escorts the door.

Norasia Alya makes its way into Global with help from Resolute and Ellen.

Stolt Bobcat (ex-Golden Legend) heads for sea as

crew snap some fotos of the receding Manhattan skyline, wondering what they didn’t see and who they didn’t meet.

Miriam Moran, indefatigeable  (and clearly “tireless”), sheet over the bow, travels to a paid asignation.   Ventura sails northeast between Robbins Reef and the Lady.

Your caption here for the foto below: ________

Maersk Barry anchors in smooth waters off the construction site that is the Battery.  Click here to see Barry in a turbulent Bay of Biscay.

Stena President transfers fluids at the dock in Bayonne.

Here’s more of that first shot:  Orange Blossom, transporting my favorite drink.    For another juice carrier post, click here.


Finally, about foto #2 above, it’s a first sign perhaps of the Kirby purchase of K-Sea;  tug is push boat Irene Frazier built by Kirby.  Irene will be replacing K-Sea’s Caspian Sea pushing John Blanche.  Many thanks to silverbk for the heads up.  Also thanks to John Watson for fotos of Mangarella and Norasia Alya . ..  and their associate escorts.

All other fotos by Will Van Dorp.

In case you’re wondering, I hope to puzzle more through the ghost ships soon.

Some great pics of a self-unloading Oldendorff bulker, Sophie, come our way thanks to John Watson, from his perch high above the sixth boro.  Alice has been around recently as well. 

Sophie delivered salt, since we don’t know how many times winter will resurrect before summer comes.. 

I’m not sure what procedure Siteam Adventurer expected to undergo, but she seems unusually positioned.

Many thanks to John for these fotos.

Bowsprite hears and transcribes memorable quotes from VHF chatter on the sixth boro;  I need to upgrade my radio before I get such plums.  So I’ll listen in using other sources.

That’s a very lonely Bohemia among all those barges.

“I prefer winter … when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.  Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.”  Andrew Wyeth

From left to right:  Bluefin, Robert Bouchard, and Brandywine.

“Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so.”  Stanley Crawford

Miss Callie fishing over by Blue Sapphire.    “Winter has a concentrated and nutty kernel, if you know where to look for it.”  Henry David Thoreau

McAllister Responder and Maurania III escort Nordatlantic into Global.  “Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat.”    Nice observation from an unknown author

Buchanan 1 departs barges hanging on a mooring near a virtually invisible Bayonne.  “The color of winter is in the imagination.”  Terri Guillemets

HNSE 211 scrap barge, pushed by an bright blue but invisible Crow, heads for export in the hold of a salty bulker.  Over on the Brooklyn side, see the yellow crane of Cove Island.    “In a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible, so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer.”  Plutarch

OK . . . some humor on the way out:  “I was just thinking, if it is really religion with these nudist colonies, they sure must turn atheists in the wintertime.”  Will Rogers What Will Rogers conjures up is the realization that the mermaid parade 2011 is only about four months away.  Seems soon.  Mardi Gras is over 30 days away.  Seems far.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who enjoys winter as much as summer and all the dozens of other seasons we experience in the sixth boro.

Unrelated:  To see what happens in Essex, MA, when sleet or snow is flying, click here.    Hey, schooners await their appointment with launch.

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