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I hope you all are enjoying these glances back a decade as much as I enjoy putting them together.  If you weren’t paying attention back then, this hints at how much the traffic in the harbor has changed, just as it has on the roads.  If you were watching back in spring 2009, you might have this same appreciation at the changes;  In addition, you might be amazed how quickly time has passed.  Maybe you’ve forgotten about some of these boats.

Pegasus, quo vadis?  I’ve heard some ominous scuttlebutt, the kind you’d hear about any 112-year-old vessel. Your project site is still up.  Here she was in front of the Hoboken Terminal, which opened the same year–1907–as Peg was launched.


Starboard view and port .  . it’s the 1968 McAllister Girls . . . if she’s still around, I’ve not seen her in quite some time. In the background over near the Jersey City river’s edge, Clipper City and Pioneer sail toward each other.

Ditto the 1977 Sisters.

Ellen (1967) and Amy C (1976) are still active in the harbor, but it’s been years since APL Cyprine has called here.

The 1978 Mary Gellatly has been sold up down east, and last I knew, working as Alice Winslow for Winslow Marine Inc.  out of Southport Maine.

The K-Sea fleet in the sixth boro in 2009 was quite large.  Norwegian Sea was a workhorse on the Hudson;  now she’s Miss Rui operating for Smith Maritime. 

Houma (1970) has been scrapped.

Taurus (1979) recently reappeared here as Joker.

Onrust was launched into the Mohawk River in May 2009, and I believe she will again be sailing out of Essex CT.  Her splash up and over the riverbank trees was quite spectacular.

All photos a short 10 years ago by Will Van Dorp.


This will be Rome to Oswego, a downstream run. With a drone, I would have gotten the other boat and our own.


Fishing might be good at Three Rivers.

Tug Syracuse waits at the section yard.


The Oswego River appears tor teem with fish, sought by man and raptor.

As it’s Saturday, Canal equipment waits at Minetto and


Only lock O-9 divides the river here with the Great Lakes.

All photos by will Van Dorp.


Z . . . the end.   Of the alphabet but not the blog.  This A through Z set of meditations–with one medication slipped in on Q day–happened quite by chance.  If I am moved to repeat the series, Z could be ZULU time, z-drive or Zuider Zee.  Or Zachery Reinauer (Cohoes, NY-built and ex-Mobil 1 and Tioga)  . . .


or Zim San Francisco,


one of more than 40 vessels operated by Zim Integrated Services.  Again below is Zim San Francisco and McAllister Sisters.


Or Zhen Hua 10, one of many differing only in the number suffix.


Or Zim Qingdao or


Or Zim Shenzhen.


Or Zim Virginia . . . here following Mary Gellatly.


But actually I’m reflecting on something different . . .  non-tangible.  Zulu tango, my invented term for


“zero tolerance,” a term which is way overused.  Zulu tango (“zebra tango”  . ..  some striped equines doing a sultry dance snout à snout  . . . would be more fun to imagine) or ZT gets my complete support in some areas, like operating any large or lethal machine under “the influence.”  But then ZT gets overused . . . like in the case of the “end of the pocket knife.”  It reminds me of the time I was almost arrested as I entered the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian just after sailing:  when they ran my backpack through the scanner, they found my boat “tool” and spike, which I’d forgotten was there.

So here’s my list of  ZT acts:  no postponing projects, no assuming outcomes, no ducking disagreement, no enabling chaos, no hobbling myself, no losing sight of priorities . . . .and I guess I might as well say . . . no excessive zebra tango.    Thank you for bearing with me in this series of meditations.  Time to move on, although I’m happy to hear your association(s) with different letters of the alphabet in this vein.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Spring brings farmers and random green-thumbers to the fields, players to the parks and playgrounds, other folks to their gardens and yards, dancers to the streets, old and new vessels to splash into the water, landsmen and fraus to the pierheads, and fishermen and fotograffers for pleasant escapades along the riverbanks.  Boat crews spend more time on deck, where they can see to execute their work and take relief from it.  I last added to this series less than a month ago here.   Crew on Dynamic Express might be out to watch their escort as well as handle line.


Deckhand on Miriam tends line on the h-bitt,


and undoes it as needed.  Notice crewman at helm looking out port window.


Crewman departs Zim San Francisco to rejoin Sisters,


survey craft Wolf River currently has no one out on deck but their equipment lets them see where others can’t anyhow no matter who’s where,


Enjoy the rest of these people on the boro shots:   Marion C. Bouchard,

aapb6Mary Gellatly,




Ruth M.


more Ruth M., which has an angular but interesting stern.


Crewman on the sixth boro might call anywhere home, like this guy on Turkon Line’s Ecem Kalkavan as Taurus moves in with a bunker barge.

aapb10Crewmen from APL Japan prepare bays 54 and 55 to receive 20′ containers.

aaaapb9Actually, it’s time for me to get out there myself.  Later.

Images, WVD.

Minimal text today:  Houma (ex-Texaco Houma II) launched at Jakobson’s Shipyard in Long Island in 1970,


Kristy Ann Reinauer (ex-Interstate Transporter) launched at Main in Louisiana in 1962,


Laura K Moran launched at Washburn & Doughty in Maine in 2008,


June K launched at A & B Industries of Morgan City in Louisiana in 2003) and King Philip … Seaboats Inc of Rhode Island in 1996,


Pegasus (ex-Al Cenac)  Al Cenac in Louisiana in 2006,


Peter F Gellatly Thoma-Sea Boat Builder in Louisiana in 2008, and


Hope you enjoyed  the boats AND the backgrounds, literal and historical.  I’m headed out.

Oh . . . two asides before I go:

if all the extra dollars in your life haven’t been spent yet, wanna buy a “sixth boro” lighthouse?

in case you haven’t seen Henry’s latest missive from –still on the wharf–Amsterdam?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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