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Thanks to Tony A 32

Tony A spends more time in the sixth boro than I do and sees stuff I don’t, for which I am grateful.  I’d noticed Zhen Hua 24 in Global on AIS, but I never saw the actual vessel;  Tony did on that rainy day a few days ago.   If you click on the link […]

Zhen Hua 20

After 66 days at sea, Zhen Hua 20 dropped anchor in Gravesend Bay yesterday after a few hours after I departed.  But thanks to Bjoern of New York Media Boat, this phase of the visit has been documented. Given the ubiquity of containers, there’s a worldwide demand for the cranes;  according to their website, 70% […]

Zhen Hua 20: The Final Leg

Click here for the first installment of this story . . . Tuesday 0630.  Note here that crews have already begun lowering the booms of these new gantry cranes in order to fit under the VZ Bridge. Wednesday 0915.  Plans were to begin the transit, but an anchor windlass refused to cooperate. Wednesday 1030.  And […]

BOLO Combi Dock 1

This may be the one to look for, the one to satisfy the restless Peking,  transport her back to Germany. It’s not fake news, but I am speculating.   Combi Dock 1 . . . might be the one, even though it’s currently approaching Singapore.  For more vessels of their fleet, click here. For some previous heavy lift […]

Zhen Hua 10 Again

As day broke, the fog descended.  Here was Zhen Hua 10 right outside the Narrows around 0700. Marie J. Turecamo stood by. Nicholas Miller ferried out . . . crew?   . . . materials? Here’s how the bridge looked by 0720.  i had to do some work, and when I returned at 1030 . . […]

Zhen Hua 10 Again 2

It’s late Sunday evening, and Monday morning will come very early, so as a sneak preview to tomorrow’s post, a few photos of the transit of Zhen Hua 10 to Port Newark.  Moveable platform courtesy of NYMedia Boat, which gets a photographer in the right places. More tomorrow after work.  All photos by Will Van […]

Transitioning 5

Notwithstanding all that . ..    sometimes the thought that a day is the first day in the rest of one’s life is superlatively vivid.    Enjoy my pics and maybe you’ll get this sense also. Sunday afternoon, Zhen Hua 10 enters the Kills. Does anyone know if “Zhen Hua” means anything?  Note Manhattan and the […]

Random Ships 16

First an invitation directed at mariners in the sixth boro from Media Relations of the Port Authority of NY/NJ:    “… a public driven space focused on the rise of 1 WTC. As it becomes more and more a part of the NYC skyline, the site invites people to submit their pictures of 1 WTC […]

Dutch Treat 1

Fairplay 21 and crew were lucky this day back in 2009.  It lost power while assisting Lars Maersk into a berth.  It managed to get away.  Fractions of a second elapse between a story to tell and tragedy. Here’s one of the captains of Fairplay 21, Joop Schaar, assisting a vessel into a berth in […]

Meditations Z

Z . . . the end.   Of the alphabet but not the blog.  This A through Z set of meditations–with one medication slipped in on Q day–happened quite by chance.  If I am moved to repeat the series, Z could be ZULU time, z-drive or Zuider Zee.  Or Zachery Reinauer (Cohoes, NY-built and ex-Mobil […]