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Whatzit 47 Rider

Here’s an annotated version of one of yesterday’s photos. Below is an F.1 with wings removed. Christian writes” It’s Mirage F1 for sure as it’s an up-wing aircraft. On your second picture you can see the junction place body/wing  (right side is forward – left side aft of the aicraft)  On my picture (below) the Mirage […]

New Yorker

Photos will be forthcoming in this post;  I’m just using unusual formatting deliberately. Ponder this:  what association do you have with the phrase “new yorker”, not “new york or ny”? person? personality? quality or lack thereof? place? thing? publication? There are no right or wrong answers here. time period? business maybe? I repeat . . […]

Something Different 35

What is the possible identity of the Moran tug below?  We really don’t know. The source is Xtian Herrou, a regular tugster reader and commenter.  He writes:  “Seen yesterday during a local model expo at Crozon  in Brittany, France.  The tug is very small (scale 1/400) and there is not really a name, just white […]

Thanks to Xtian 2

So here was 1 and in it I said I would answer a question in a few days and now a few weeks have passed.  The question pertained to the device mounted on the stern of vessel Husky.  Congrats to Seth Tane, who guessed correctly.  Here’s what Xtian writes:  “It’s a plough.  In French we […]

Thanks to Xtian

Xtian has been sharing photos here for some time.  Now it turns out he and I were in the tiny dorp of Maassluis within days of each other earlier this month, as evidenced by his photo of Furie, which was in the same spot the day I visited here (and scroll). I would never have […]

L’Hermione Arrives in the Sixth Boro

Back in March, I posted these photos taken by Xtian Herrou.  Xtian . ..  today I return the favor.  Tomorrow too. Tricoleur is hosted at the stern. Gunners prepare the guns for the salute. Hands hook the anchor ring for further hoisting.   James Turecamo delivers a docking pilot just off the French Statue.   […]

Other Peoples Photos 45

Today’s photos come from Xtian Herrou.  See the tug over there, the one the sailor in red must be looking at?  By the way, I’ve posted Xtian’s photos here and here before.  The rigging that dominates the photo below propels a vessel that will be making a stop in the sixth boro this coming summer. […]

L’Hermione & Independence Day

First, for a focused statement on the importance of this vessel and Lafayette on US independence, click here  . . . from a Portland Maine publication.   More on Lafayette, click here, but skip the partisan dribble in paragraphs 3–6.  Also, here. Most of the photos in this post I took on July 1, by […]

Doing Social 2

Thanks . . . for the social media sourcing of this vessel.  Nick Massa sent along these fotos of the Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey vessel Shearwater, which he took in another part of the sixth boro while I was clinging along the edge of Manhattan.  Nick does a blog called, which I think complements […]

Other People’s Fotos 22

Here was 18 in this series, which offers similar equipment.  Something supermax somewhere? All these fotos come compliments of Xtian Herrou, who previously passed along fotos for this post and others.  He took this foto in Brest, although the tug is by now through Port Said for parts south and east… . These waters require that Sea […]