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St. Lawrence River Wooden Traffic 3

Some more eye candy today . . . Portofino . . . Italian made?   Miss St. Lawrence is a beauty. Is there an echo in the blog software maybe  . . . ? Elusive is a Hacker beauty based on a 1920s design, I believe. Another Italian bella passes us, or maybe it’s the […]

St. Lawrence River Wooden Traffic 2

Behold a 90-year-young boat! Drool if you like.  Click here for more info on the classic Elco cruisettes.   Click here for the specifics on KaRat! Here’s another . . . but all I can say about Flox of Montreal is that she is la tres belle Flox of Montreal. Ditto this beauty. All photos by Will […]

St. Lawrence River Wooden Traffic 1

This post follows on a similar one based on St. Clair River traffic .  . here. Would the captain below qualify as a “back seat” driver? He with his attractive runabout was taking part in this event . . . Wood like this truly makes attractive vessels. Zipper is a beaut, as is Glacier Girl. […]

Why Wood 4

Wel . . . for starters, it’s beautiful. Paquet V (1982) would not look quite the same if the same form were in fiberglass.  Make sure you look through the gallery here. She was southbound here. Shirean looks like she was built almost a century ago, because she was, 1930 by Morton Johnson of Bayhead […]

St. Clair River Wooden Traffic

Why wood?   It’s been awhile since I asked that . . .  I suppose I should ask why so many wooden runabouts and cruisers suddenly swarmed in the St. Clair, but it was enjoyable.  But here is the event, and if you want to get into a wooden boat, as maybe I do, here’s […]

War Wood 3

Here were post 1 and post 2 with this name, both focusing on WW2 torpedo boats.  PT-728 used to be based on the Rondout in Kingston and would make visits to NYC’s sixth boro, but now you’d have to go to Lake Huron for an outing. The vessel below is PT-305 and “diminished” version of […]

More North Woods Alligators

You may recall previous posts here and here about these machines called “alligators” or warping tugs, flat bellied vessels used in timbering a century ago that could pull themselves across short stretches of land between bodies of water.    These photos were sent to me by Steven Smith who owns a camp near where the photos of […]

Old (and Less So) Wood 2

I took this foto in August 2010, here with my back to Anthony’s Nose.  Any guesses about the vintage of this chubby people mover? Here’s a foto I took yesterday in Greenport of this Morehead, NC veteran of WW1!!! At the same locstion, I took this foto.  Anyone know what manufacturer this beauty is, frontal […]

North Woods Alligator Paleontology

Two years ago, I learned about these tugs while north of the border here.   Many thanks to Paul Fehling for today’s fotos of alligator tug remains.  He took the fotos while canoeing recently in western Maine.    My reference book called Alligators of the North makes me believe these could be this could be what’s left of a 1923 […]

War Wood 2

Thanks to Dennis Willard, more fotos of PT728 and the others along the Rondout. PT728 is Vosper-design 70′ built in Annapolis.  Here are some end-of-season haulout fotos from late 2009. According to their website, FleetObsolete has three additional boats:  459, 48, and 615, but I can’t identify which is which here. This one is PT […]