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Winter Solstice 2020

Thanks to Skip Mildrum, here are some photos most appropriate for this day.  It’s dark and overcast, but lights in the port and on the boats brighten up the night.  Winter began, I’m told, at 0502 this morning. Early sunset or late sunrise, it doesn’t really matter . . . since the daylight will be […]

Two Hours on the KVK 2: Winter Solstice 2011

Here’s my post from a year ago. Where HAS the time gone?  A joy of doing this blog is to go back, and sometimes as with this one, my memory–or is it my gut–recalls the eagerness of that morning 365 days ago.  What I pursued then I still pursue  . . . Can you spot […]

Two Hours on the KVK 3: Winter Solstice

I chased the moon this morning, and lost.  By the time I got away from my high-horizoned, building-intensive lair, the solstice moon only recently eclipsed, had slipped beneath the New Jersey highlands, but in spite of the cold . . . . I was not disappointed. First I caught the sixth-boro newby Crystal Cutler pushing […]

Winter Solstice 2009

Today shows on most calendars as the winter solstice, and that makes me smile.  In my neck of the woods … er … cove in the boro, it’s just another workday.  But at many times in as many places, it’s been a BIG day.  For me, the  winter solstice conveys more hope.  So here’s a […]

Winter Solstice 2008

Of course, many bright happy spots and fine people surround me this dark solstice.  Yet, I have to consciously remind myself of this brightness sometimes, given how bleak this time of year can seem, and especially this December.  So . . . an especially cheery thought is that, given the best scientific knowledge on merfolk […]

Winter Solstice 2

Blogging–you know this–means maintaining a log, with all the benefits. Here‘s what I logged a year ago.   The solstice this year happens 12/22 at 1:08 am EST (6:08 UT). For this post, I wanted only fotos I took on the 12/21. Above a very crowded Arthur Kill: (foreground left to right) Thomas D. Witte, […]

Post-Apocalyptic Solstice

All hype . . . like Camping and others . . . just to mention recent hoaxes. Nevertheless, I made my rounds.  High winds chill to the bone but no doomsday out here . . . Brian Nicholas pushed recycling into the Kills, Catherine Miller moved semis beyond the end of the bridge, Nomad and […]


A reader recently sent this picture of John B. Caddell. It’s steaming under the Bayonne Bridge, which, if you didn’t recognize it, is the classic bridge that graces the top of my blog page. Richard, thanks. Happy solstice! Carrying the equivalent of at least 30 large tanker trucks, coastal tankers like John B.  lessen highway […]

Inside an Elevating Tug and More

My most recent Professional Mariner published article can be read here. Today’s post presents some outtakes and more from the article process.  When you look at the tug below, or its earlier iteration, you might not expect it has this elevating ability.  You’ve seen it here in a winter solstice post from nine years ago. […]

Bright Lights 7

Today’s post goes up at the theoretical sunrise on the shortest day of the year in the sixth boro;  the solstice is here, and I’m grateful the days can’t get any shorter this year.  It’s 58 degrees (!!) but blustery, rainy right now, so there won’t be an observable sunrise.  Now we start moving back […]