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Winter Fishing 2020

It’s the sheer diversity of traffic on the sixth boro that keeps me coming back, although diverse does not mean unpredictable.  In summer, mermaids gather, specifically around the very day of the solstice.  In winter, fishing boats come .    In fall, the fishing boats are of a different sort. Chele-C was fishing on the west […]

Winter Fishing 2

Here and here are some fotos from previous winter fish seasons in the sixth boro.  This post from January 2010 probably shows the greatest number of sixth boro fishing boats I’ve ever seen.  Below was a foto I took at Gravesend Bay last week. Alexa J, Linda, Linda and Mary Virginia, an unidendified boat and […]

Winter Fishing

As I walked along the esplanade near Battery Park City the other night, I talked with some fisherman dangling hooks over the sea wall.  “Ling,” one replied when I asked about the catch.  But it looked so small.  Is there a legal minimum size for ling?   Here Eastern Welder drags just north of the […]

New Sixth Boro Fishing Machines

Although the sixth boro may see its first snowfall today, it’s not winter for over a month yet.  Winter fishing, though, has seen lots of posts on this blog.  But here’s a focus on something new for me.  See the fishing machine in the photo below? Here’s a closer up, a set of photos I […]

Fishing January 2018

A surprising feature of the sixth boro in winter is the fishing, dragging for clams.  And many thanks to Steve Turi for sending along this article about this fishery from north Here are some previous winters’ posts about these boats.  And right about exactly eight years ago, I saw the greatest concentration of fishing […]

Fishing December 2013

Here was the last fishing post I did.  Fishing is only a winter activity in the sixth boro.  Here Dutch Girl pulls a net past the French woman and then heads back. And this looks like Virginia Sue, she of classic lines. Enjoy. All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who might have enough unused fishing […]

June Fishing in the Sixth Boro

In previous posts we pondered winter fishing and puzzled about East River fishing.  Yesterday I caught wind of a fishing competition between Gelberman and Hayward, two vessels operated in the New York District of the US Corps of Engineers. The fishing began the very instant the echo of the starter’s signal boomed across the boro.  Gelberman […]

Mixed Craft 2

Here’s the previous post of this focus.  I had others ready to go at one point, but  . ..  ships sail, horses leave barns, and ideas slip away.  Yesterday I spent one hour on the Upper Bay and concluded that it’s a diverse place, starting with this water rising up and obscuring whatever lay beyond […]

Small Craft 22

This will be a photo-rich post, starting with bridge workers currently at the Brooklyn side VZ tower, aka the former Fort Lafayette. You might remember Michele Jean;  Christina is the replacement vessel. Most small craft in the sixth boro work all year round, in either construction, hydrographic surveys, boom handling, launch service, law enforcement, and more. […]

Sixth Boro Random Delights 7

Actually, this is a reprise of a post I did earlier this week . . .  Ferry Coursen carried trucks.  Mary H pushed a creek-size barge. Winter fishing continued apace aboard Eastern Welder. I got a close-up of Mary H. Brendan Turecamo headed out for an assist. A slightly different angle on Sorensen Miller shows […]