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YM Wind

YM Wind came in on a zephyr this morning from Charleston, a nippy morning though seasonal at 48 degrees.   Sorry the USACE boat photobombed this shot. I’m not sure where Wind was before Charleston, but she’s transporting many fewer than her 14k teu. By the way, I’m starting to see more references to feu now, […]

Winds of November 2

I didn’t hear any wind speeds for yesterday, but it was blowing . . . winds of November according to the date, but fortunately not a November witch. Chem Wolverine scudded through the Bay, Kings Point went on with her routine, Gabby Miller returned to home base, Joyce aimed for the Kills, Mister T slung […]

Winds of October

Yesterday was a day to hold onto to your hat . . . or tighten the straps. Ruby M splashed in toward the Kills, where Maersk Vilnius was exiting, but it was the yawl Mah Jong that appeared to thrive in these conditions, passing Corpus Christi‘s stern. Meanwhile Caitlin Ann delivered the netted paper to […]

Jay Bee V’s Epic Winds Down

I caught the beginning of Jay Bee V‘s epic here, a few days after the summer solstice.  A bit later I caught her here at some different locations on the Erie Canal. So we are all fortunate that Jake Van Reenen caught her here at a lock in central NYS that I’m not disclosing.  The voyage […]

Excessively Windy 3

Here are previous posts with references to wind.  Sunday and Monday were windy but commerce went right on.   The weight of these units is manifested by the smooth ride in the harbor chop.  Offshore it would be a different matter in the swells. I wouldn’t call it spindrift, so maybe it’s just spray? All […]

Excessively Windy 2

Credit for all photos today goes to John Huntington.  Check out his website here. John writes:  “I generally like crazy weather but it was painful out there.  I drove out on the pier (the one by the Brooklyn Army Terminal) and would get back in the car periodically to warm up.  [The temperature registered low […]

Urger Season Winds Down

Remind me some day to tell the story of Schuyler Meyer, who is credited with starting Urger’s educational program back before 1990.  As of today, the season is over.  Over 4500 NYS fourth graders have experienced the “Urger program” this season.  That number and more have visited the 113-year-old vessel in festivals and other contexts  along […]

Excessively Windy

“Excessive wind”  . . . i.e., a constant 20+ mph describes Wednesday’s weather quite well.  The following fotos all come thanks to Capt. Fred Kosnac, who was on one tug of three accompanying the Weeks crane barge to the right.   Farther up the dock, notice the blue/green hull of a container ship, MOL Destiny. […]

Winds of April

See November gusts here.  Today on the Upper Bay gusts were in excess of 25 mph. Spray crashes over the bulwarks although to my untrained eye, Quantico Creek rides smooth, as does Elk River, a short time later. Pilot boats like Yankee are designed to ride in all weather. Ellen Bouchard pushes B. No. 284 […]

Winds of February

Gusts last Saturday were over 40 mph, but work on the harbor, as always, went on.  Here Joan Turecamo pushes barge Bridgeton upriver between the Battery and Ellis Island. Might that barge be loaded deep with coal? Notice the whitecaps all around Joan Turecamo, built north of Albany in the last years of the Matton […]