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Whitherward Pegasus 2021

Posting twice in a day means either good news . .  or not so good.  Many thanks to Luke Gayson for sending me this shot of the 1907 Pegasus taken in the KVK this morning. If you do FB, here’s a link to the project. From the tugster archives, here was a flag of concern from 2015. […]

Whitherward 7

She’s been over at Mariners Harbor Yacht Club (Staten Island)  for at least two years now.  She started life in 1953 as Mars for Boston Towboat.  Dimensions, then as now, are 96′ x 25′.  In 2000 (?), Mars was sold and a conversion began to make her an expedition yacht, owned by the online job […]

Whitherward 6

Here’s an index for the previous in the series. I got this photo in July 2003 in Oswego, the 1943 Bushey tug  WYTM-71 Apalachee.  I haven’t seen it since, although it was at one time in Cleveland.  Anyone know if it’s still there? Here’s another Great Lakes tug, for now.  This photo of James A. Hannah was […]

Whitherward Pegasus 2015

Below is one of my all time favorite photos of Pegasus, taken July 4, 2012.   In fact, a print of this hangs over my dining room table.  The boat that night was in her 105th year.  Click here if you don’t remember life in 1907, when her keel was laid.   If you are […]

Whitherward 2010

Quick post:  the first ship I saw upon crossing the VZ from Staten Island into Brooklyn today was panamax tanker Stena Chronos.  I know it’s an uninteresting shot, but it marks that old cronos time has surged forward.  Remember, double clicking an image enlarges it. An interesting sight along the way today is this defunct restaurant […]

Whitherward 5

Loretta B Moran is not yet ready for a christening, but the shell leaves little to the imagination.  Stuart Pate took these a few weeks back at the Washburn Doughty & Associates yard up in East Boothbay, Maine. Looking at these newbuilds prompts some questions:  How many tugboats* are there in the world?  How many […]

Whitherward 4

Back last September, I wrote about a NYC christening, using bowsprite’s inimitable fotos.  Since I feel another christening approach, here’s a way to do it.  These fotos come compliments of uglyships’ usually irreverent ZeeBart and feature the ceremony for his command.  Smit Kamara, although it currently works the North Sea, was built in Singapore.  As […]

Whitherward 2009

Looking northwest from Stone Mountain toward Kennesaw Mountain (roughly from greater Atlanta toward northern Alabama) around the start of the new year and teaching my grandson the basics of using a compass, I’m wondering–like everybody–what the year will bring, which direction (s) it’ll turn.  As the original inhabitants depicted in this statue of a Cherokee […]

Whitherward 3

Coming out of the east, it’s time for new language . . . like … will it be a starboard tack or a port tack? We are the wind, so let’s blow.  Fotos above  thanks to bowsprite.  Meanwhile, we wait.  

Whitherward 2

The centenarian-PLUS-eight-years Helen returns with a shiny coat of paint, and  . . . off to her port the FDNY’s Emerald Society Pipes and Drums muster on the dock.  Why? Aha! Rosemary‘s already worked in the sixth boro since June.   Who’s the twin 500 feet astern? Welcome Andrew . . . Capt. McAllister comes ashore . […]