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Whatzit 38

What is it?  Well, to take inspiration from billboards, I’d say “watch this space.” Or from t-shirts . . . . “keep calm and pay attention.” I think the red and yellow here belongs to Jane A. Bouchard, seen here almost a decade ago, but for the alabaster white, stay tuned.  Come on back soon. […]

Whatzit 38 c

More Great Race tomorrow. Let’s finish up  Whatzit 38, which started here with a plain white canvas.  Below is a photo I took during the tugboat race in September 2015 of John J. Harvey, an FDNY fireboat in commission between 1931 and 1995. And here’s one I took in April 2010, making an up-to 18,000 gpm […]

Whatzit 38 b

Let’s start with a baseline, exactly seven years ago.  I got this photo of Harvey putting on a water display just south of Yonkers on June 12, 2011. These next photos came from Lisa Kolibabek a few days ago, following up on the post of a week ago where I said “watch this space.”. Never […]