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Whatzit 51

A friend and occasional contributor recently sent this photo, a tighter cropped version of just this photo and asked what is was.  I won’t volunteer what I thought, but I was wrong.  Can you guess? Here’s a bit more detail, quite a bit more, in fact.   It was intended as number 3 of 32, but […]

Whatzit 50

What made this stand out was the mostly horizontal member quite high off the water.  So I started snapping. I’d noticed a few days back that Pelham had headed unusually far east in the Sound, and had run sometimes tandem with Captain Willie Landers.  So this must be the tow.   Any guesses?   Names are always […]

Whatzit 49

On this ship with a strange name, some crew seemed suspiciously motionless for quite a while.  Any guesses on the reference in the name?  Might the suits and the ship’s name be related? Given the distance, the clarity suffered a bit.  I concluded that these were immersion suits getting aired out, and not enveloping crew […]

Whatzit 26 Follow-up

April 2015, and here was the context. April 2022, and I’ve heard rumors about context but no confirmation.  It was pure serendipity that I was in roughly the same area of the Staten Island boro, enjoying springtime warmth and watching the sixth boro. ’15.  The reversal of paint is interesting.  There may be semiotic significance, […]

Whatzit 43 Redux

This overcast day contributed to photos that appear to gray-out all but the range of bronze, red, and orange.  But what is this cargo and why is the title here a “redux”? Here’s a closeup and an even closer up.  I counted a total of 14 of these Kalmar straddle carriers aka straddlers on deck. […]

Whatzit 48

Yesterday I mentioned novelty.  This is mid November in this part of the sixth boro.  For outatowners, this photo looks eastward from Liberty Landing Marina (aka  the Morris Canal) toward lower Manhattan.   Mid november!  And there are sailboat lessons happening.  But the “whatzit” is SeatheCity, a boxy catamaran with scant rearview vision.  Note the attitude […]

Whatzit 47

Clifford Maersk is making her final approach into port of NYNJ, arriving here from King Abdul Aziz Seaport in Damman, KSA.   So what?  Check out the non-containerized cargo near the front center of the load. See it? As the container ship approached, I managed to get some closer up photos.    I have my theory, […]

Whatzit 47 Rider

Here’s an annotated version of one of yesterday’s photos. Below is an F.1 with wings removed. Christian writes” It’s Mirage F1 for sure as it’s an up-wing aircraft. On your second picture you can see the junction place body/wing  (right side is forward – left side aft of the aicraft)  On my picture (below) the Mirage […]

Whatzit 3 Follow-up

Below was the lead photo in Whatzit 3, January 10,  2009.  Bowsprite took the photo from her cliff in late October of that year, and several months later asked me if I knew what it showed.  I had no clue. Eventually we figured it out, and only recently it occurred to my “slowness” that the […]

Whatzit 46

I’ll get back to pretty wooden boats, but first . . . what’s this?  I missed its first pass, but the sound led me to check AIS, where I saw it was doing 33 kts . . . Does Sipu Muin mean anything to you? But here she is . . .CCGS Sipu Muin, an […]