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Whatzit 38 b

Let’s start with a baseline, exactly seven years ago.  I got this photo of Harvey putting on a water display just south of Yonkers on June 12, 2011. These next photos came from Lisa Kolibabek a few days ago, following up on the post of a week ago where I said “watch this space.”. Never […]

Whatzit 38

What is it?  Well, to take inspiration from billboards, I’d say “watch this space.” Or from t-shirts . . . . “keep calm and pay attention.” I think the red and yellow here belongs to Jane A. Bouchard, seen here almost a decade ago, but for the alabaster white, stay tuned.  Come on back soon. […]

Whatzit 37

Here are previous posts in this “whatzit” series, the most recent being components of The Vessel. So what’s this craft below? Well, back in September 2010, she was excursion vessel Commander running into the Hudson Highlands out of Haverstaw.  She nearly made it to 100 years in various excursion assignments after being launched in North […]

Whatzit 36

Thanks to a friend, I learned this morning what this is.  But I’ll give you an opportunity until the end of this post to ponder it as I did. I’m guessing that since I’ve been paying attention to other soon-to-happen non-routine events in the harbor like the loading of Peking (more on that at the […]

Whatzit 35

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “whatzit” series as much as I do.  The photo below I took on October 22, 2016.  A minute or so earlier, I was thinking we were about to meet some traffic.  At this point I realized there were islands where I’d no recollection of seeing islands.  So what is it? Here’s […]

Whatzit 34

Call this one a triple whatzit, my series driven by the watch word “if you see something, say  (or post) something. I’ll just put up the photos, and then say what I know or don’t know. Below, I don’t know but think it’s a lifeboat drill performed while Anthem of the Seas was in town […]

Whatzit 33

Sometimes I know what these are or it is.  In this case, I don’t.  Photo is not the sharpest, but this cargo does intrigue. Likely, the top photo and the two below are unrelated.  Ashley Hutto took the top on Sunday, and I took the bottom two Saturday. The cargo on the barge pushed by […]

Whatzit 32 Followup

Here was Whatzit 32.  And what is it? Well, it’s big… and it’s unusual in that it came from overseas all the way to Lock E8, where a crane has been set up to transfer oversize cargo …  I look forward to getting a photo there in a few weeks. Here’s what this piece is.  This […]

Whatzit 32

I thought I’d call this mystery tow, but it hints more at the whatzit category.  The answer will not be found in this post, but enjoy the clues. Those are real kilograms. Scale?  Location?  See the last photo to confirm location . . . . . . and again scale. More info will be forthcoming.  Will […]

Whatzit 31

or “whatz dem”? I really am clueless here.  At first I thought fendering, but the location makes no sense. Help? I know I’ve read Guy de Maupassant, but I can’t remember anything of that either.  I guess I’m a mess today.  Even the time evaded me. All photos I do recall taking, though.