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We Get Rainbows

If you focus on national weather, you might imagine snow has fallen to the extent that we’re back in the ice age, but I decided to walk out to the fishing pier near Owl’s Head, and  voila!  there were Unico’s Teresa with Acadia as well as Regulus, bathed in rainbow light. Likely it was raining […]

Retro Sixth Boro 54

This month I’ve done one retro October 2012 post on the Chesapeake schooner race . . . and am doing this one at the end of the month rather than the beginning, for reasons that will soon be apparent. On the 31st a decade ago, I made my way down to Front Street Staten Island […]

Weather 13

Melville explains Ishmael’s signing onto the whaling ship as related to that damp, drizzly November in [Ishmael’s] soul, but this series shows that a windy, dark October can trigger running away too.  I’m thrilled that today’s forecast calls for sunshine, and some reason for optimism.  Here are previous weather posts. A few days ago we […]

Jan Snow 3

Snow is the norm in January in the sixth boro, and we’ve just had unusual weather.  On January 2, I was splitting NY wood wearing a t-shirt in the balmy almost 60 degrees. As you may have guessed, I slipped my noon deadline today because I wanted some evidence of the normal snow accumulation that […]

Exotics 33

This exotic is extraordinarily exotic.   Any guesses based on appearance of  the red and white vessel below? I’ll give a little more time to study while you prepare your guess.   Given her specs, which I share below, she’s not for offshore wind or the sixth boro, unless we have extraordinary weather  ahead. I […]

Random Tugs 381

Marjorie  moves her train cars. Nathan G goes for fuel. Crystal Cutler pushes her barge. Paula Atwell travels light for a change.  CMT Pike does her harbor rounds.  Mister Jim here looks brighter than usual in the morning sun; in cloudy weather, that gray livery obscures details.  Robert IV assists at the stone anchorage. Cape […]

People on the Boro 34

A couple days ago in the 77 Days post (which I’ve since learned added up to 79 days) I saw a mariner I know on the boro on a Maersk container vessel. Most of the time though I don’t know the folks I see working on the water.  The folks in yellow and orange coats […]

Proteus Post

Daybreak can look like this, placid and  full of hope, as seen in these photos from Capt. Nemo, but water is a protean medium that can make a sunrise also look like this, in photos from Capt. A. N. O’nymous. Thanks all for these sunrise photos.  Happy Easter, Passover, Sunday morning, and whatever you celebrate. […]

Random Tugs 386

Discovery Coast has been around for over a decade now.  One of my first times to see her was here.  Lightning has only recently been joined by Thunder, here.  Might tugs named for other weather phenomena like hail and fog be coming? Helen was only renamed that earlier this year;  before that, she was  Charles Burton.  […]

People on the Boro 31

The recent period of extended summer in the boro means crew are out, enjoying fresh air, like these guys.  I always wonder who these seafarers are, where  they are from, how seafaring has shaped their lives and families, as well as how long they’ve been at sea, both on this voyage and over the course […]