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Weather 13

Melville explains Ishmael’s signing onto the whaling ship as related to that damp, drizzly November in [Ishmael’s] soul, but this series shows that a windy, dark October can trigger running away too.  I’m thrilled that today’s forecast calls for sunshine, and some reason for optimism.  Here are previous weather posts. A few days ago we […]

Weather 12

Wendy Marble took these photos today when her crew was preparing to cast off lines on the Erie Canal. This is looking forward from wheelhouse of tug Syracuse towing DB6 west from Mays Point, NY. Then another friend jogged my memory about the date, Nov 16.  The rest of these photos I took on Nov […]

Weather 11

Here are the previous weather posts.  Below . . . that’s easy:  it’s a local shower;  Evening Tide and Evening Light were in the rain, and I was not, yet. But a half hour later at the opposite end of the KVK, the clouds were truly wild.  Is there a word for these conditions?  Again, […]

Weather 10

Here are previous weather posts, and although today the sixth boro and surrounding land masses are experiencing the first serious snowfall this season, this post is not about that.  Rather, it’s about something I saw and felt yesterday, when it was 65 degrees F for a few midday hours.  65!! So here was the weather […]

Weather 9

Here was 8.  And here was yesterday.   The photo from yesterday–below–shows the near VZ Bridge footprint, and the far footprint can be seen here in a photo from a few weeks ago.    This morning, as I’m waking up, looks clear like the next few photos. It’s C. Angelo towing Sea Shuttle.  Part of […]

Weather 8

Here was 7.  In the past week, the sixth boro has seen lows to about 5 . . . like last Monday morning, and highs in the low 50s.    And then there’s been serious fog, as bowsprite captures here.  This morning was clear and mild, almost springlike.  Here was the north end of the […]

Weather 7

Here was number 6 in this series.  It occurred to me this afternoon to rename the whole series “weather overwater,” as a tip of the hat to Dr.  Jeff Masters and his site.  His 18-minute TED talk at the link with his name on it is worth the 18 minutes.   And what do you […]

Weather 6

Here was 5. Yesterday before noon I saw rain, sun, and then rain again.  Afternoon was the same.  The foto below of Norwegian Star I took at 16:06. 16:21 16:21 . . . a rainbow spanned from Red Hook Brooklyn to Newtown Creek Queens, although I couldn’t see the Queens’ leg. 16:35, and by this […]

Weather 5

All fotos here were taken by Scot Surbeck and come thanks to Julian Marsano, who blogs as PioneerSailing.  The moral of the story is that extreme weather can move in quickly, as happened two weeks ago when a squall galloped into the sixth boro at 30 mph, bringing in 45+ mph gusts.    Manhattan Sailing […]

Weather 4

Three days after the stunning but dark color fotos by bowsprite,  it’s St Patrick’s Day, and weather in the sixth boro has returned color, blue skies.  Pegasus is radiant, waiting for shaft, prop, and splash.  Doubleclicking enlarges most fotos. Jade bluegreen Maersk Tangier gets bisected by the wall of the drydock supporting Pegasus.  Note the […]