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Retro 2015 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

This is the last Roundup I’ve attended.  Here’s another shot from the swim platform, where I’m flat on my belly. That’s Mike Byrnes, last year’s “old man of the sea” at the portside of the wheelhouse. Downbound in the Federal lock, it’s Waterford, Governor Cleveland, and Tender #3.   On the northbound trip, the two […]

Retro 2014 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

2014 was the year I was working on Urger.  Here she’s tied up above lock E-2 while Bejamin Elliot steams by, downbound. Some time later we’d all steamed down to Albany, here (l to r), it’s a Lord Nelson Victory tug yacht, a tender, and C. L. Churchill, a 1964 boat built in Cohasset MA.  […]

Retro 2013 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

An omen of the future . . . in 2013, Urger was laid up, sans her problematic prop shaft.  Here she’s nez-a-nez with Day Peckinpaugh. Gowanus Bay was looking good. NYS Marine Highway was well represented, as always.  And following two of the four NYS Marine Highway boats there was Cornell, Frances and Margot‘s senior […]

Retro 2012 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

The 2010 post had a photo from 2009, so let me start this one with one from 2010.  This photo made the cover of a NYS Restoration publication devoted to boats, but I lent my copy to someone and it’s never returned.  If you know the publication, please let me know. OK, let’s see one […]

Retro 2010 Waterford Tugboat Roundup

Back in 2010, I did four posts about the weekend, which you can see here.  What I did for today’s post was look through the archives and just pick the photos that for a variety of reasons jumped out at me.  A perk is each of the four posts has some video I made.  One […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2015 b

It’s been a few years since Lehigh Valley 79 was there, but David Sharps added a new feature to the parade–a brassy salute to each vessel that passed for review. And what a potpourri of vessels that was!       Folks who from Monday to Friday work on precision instruments indoors . . . […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2015 a

Click here for posts from lots of other years.  In today’s post, you’ll see almost all blue-and-gold before the parade, i.e., heading for the muster It was great to have two covered barges for events. Urger exits the low side of lock 2 and  . . .   enters the Hudson. The federal lock at Troy […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2013 d

Here’s a collage of images as my last roundup 2013 post: a half dozen working tugboats and a covered barge as seen looking east from the Second Street Bridge, a float plane that might have imagined this to be a different type of gathering, a swimmer in the water either doing a northern style Richard […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2013 c

Today . . . as time constricts . . . just vessels, mostly under way, like Frances, at the confluence. Govr. Cleveland and Eighth Sea, locking and swaying. Eighth Sea, stopping at Rusty Anchor to lubricate a wobbly shaft . . . it was rumored. I’m out of my depth here. Kathleen Turecamo and Dean […]

Waterford Tugboat Roundup 2013 b

First, and I quote, the roundup “began in 1999 as a way to preserve and promote the maritime industrial heritage of the State Canal System….”  Many thanks to the sponsors and the volunteers.   Thanks to the town for their “hawsepitality”  (That’s Jed’s newly minted term.) which brings about 25,000 people to a Saratoga County […]