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Watercolor 6

Here are the previous 5 installments. What’s this below?  Double click on it before continuing. An ULCV named Peony passed by a cloudy day recently and the water turned so blue I could feel it. Just the color was cooling, relaxing. All photos, WVD, who for a moment heard the low throb of the diesel […]

Watercolor 5

Note:  Early Tuesday morning, the forecast for the rest of the week told me to go out before dawn to record and store what a cold but quiet and sunny morning would look like.  Given the excessive wind of an overcast Wednesday and Thursday, I’m glad I went out. If harbinger of dawn looks like […]

Watercolor 4

It could be called pigment, watercolor, skycolor, light . . .   But what matters to me is the impact it has on my mood.  How can I not feel uplifted by this brightness?  What is this . . . a doorway into what? Passage for pilots, of course. But what a vessel!  An uberbox enveloping many […]

Watercolor 3

A little more watercolor from yesterday . . . the rainbow injects magic into what otherwise might just be distant Brooklyn waterfront, Clipper City, and a Staten Island ferry. Here’s what creates the conditions for a rainbow. Color on water, this time reflecting a certain survey boat with unique paint loss patterns. You will notice […]

Watercolor 2

When Politsa Lady headed for sea, I knew I was it was my day; the treat would be mine, and it was.  I hope it’s yours too.  Memory of her orange reflection on a million wavelets conveys momentum when my energies have none, when affection seems gone forever. I know  . . . it’s just […]


February 24, 1836 . . . is the birthday of my favorite watercolorist.  Who?  Answer follows. For most of these shots, some of which remind me of watercolor, I’m not going to identify the vessel, although all (except the orange one below)  floated somewhere in the sixth boro.  As to the watercolorist, he died at […]

Something Different 54 a

Sailing ships in bottles . .  . here are a few by Alex Bellinger. I’ve heard them called “patience bottles” and “impossible bottles.” But how many of these have you seen, tugs in bottles? Alex, whom I’ve know for 30 years, writes:  “the tugs are for my  older brother, who worked on tugs out of […]

1934 Motor Lifeboat Odyssey 1

I first mentioned this boat here, and included photos taken from it on the Columbia River here. The following story and photos are a real treat. They come from Glen Cathers, whose retirement projects include restoring the 36′ motor lifeboat you see below.  This article from an October 2016 issue of the Dalles Chronicle tells […]


WTGB-105 Neah Bay was the first vessel I saw along the Chicago shore . . . and thanks to a friend, I decided that I needed to see the vessel beyond the lighthouse close up. Previously, I’d seen it, but just imagined it was a replica. Indeed not.  As it turns out, Abby has been […]

Review: Tugboats Illustrated

Actually, the full title of this book is Tugboats Illustrated: History-Technology-Seamanship with Drawings by the author Paul Farrell I first heard of the book and Paul Farrell last February;  I got an email from an editor at W. W. Norton expressing interest in licensing one of my photos for the cover of the forthcoming book. […]