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Vane Brothers 7

Quick . . . name those units? Type Vane Brothers into the search window, presuming you know these are Vane Brothers boats, and you’d get all the previous instances of this title, going back to 2009. Now you can see the names . . . Potomac above and Fort McHenry below. Philadelphia is legible here, […]

Vane Brothers 6

Here are posts one through five in this series.           Just a photo essay, Vane tugs and barges in the KVK through all the daylight hours today. All photos by Will Van Dorp.  

Vane Brothers 5

Here are the previous posts in this series, and I’m finding that in the four years since the last installment, things have changed . . . and not.  Most of these boats haven’t appeared in the previous four.    The livery and logo remain the same, but there are some new boats.  Can you figure […]

Vane Brothers 4

The almost-identical Vane tugs come in two sizes . . . externally  distinguishable by the height of the  upper wheelhouse. Contrast the tower of  Bohemia above with that of Sassafras below.  Some I hear call the Bohemia etc. as the 4200 series and Sassafras the 3000 . .. as in horsepower. Elk River and Oyster Creek […]

Vane Brothers 3

I don’t know when the first Vane Brothers tug came through the sixth boro, but I posted fotos of the first ones on this blog in September 2007, when Patapsco participated in the Hudson river tug race, here and here.  Now some days, it seems that half the tugs in the sixth boro have the […]

Vane Brothers 2

According to the family history here, they started with schooners and currently, besides oil, they push water and do more.  Monday I caught Susquehanna standing by along the KVK as container vessel Zim Shenzhen hurried for its assignation in Port Elizabeth. The following four pics come from Jim Demske, who’s worked for Vane for over twenty […]

Vane Brothers 1

Nanticoke Choptank . . . Nanticoke again . . . Wye River . . . though it looks the same as Nanticoke and Choptank. Christiana . . . is in a different class, for Vane, although she looks a lot like a certain Reinauer. Chesapeake . . . thought it could be –at least to […]

Creek: Rondout 3

Today’s a good day to complete my Rondout Creek post, begun here. Three bridges up the Creek leads you to Feeney’s Shipyard, a quite busy place.  Last Saturday when I was there, two Vane Brothers boats and Johannsen Girls–the shipyard tug I believe–were docked.   Click here for a photo of the Girls nine years […]

Random Tugs 250

To continue on from yesterday’s list . . . I’ve done chugster, jetster, even a gangster . . . though you have to search for it here by scrolling a bit,  but the blog is called tugster, and I’m proud of that some chuckles notwithstanding . . . . This is a cross section for […]

Random Tugs 227

Joyce D. Brown with a resplendent paint job on a bright spring morning. A new boat entering the Narrows in springtime.  Know it? Sea Oak, which I last saw in Southport, NC. Crystal Cutler, also looking great in the spring sunshine. The extraordinary Bosco, passing the boscage of Shooters Island. The vertically oriented Genesis Vision, […]